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Originally Posted by CTCat
Another thing...I think the antibiotics can affect the culture so if you have already started them, you'll have to wait anyway.
Excellent point, it makes it pointless to do a u/a c& s this week. You'd have to wait 2-3 weeks. I think that's the time frame after stopping meds before repeating a u/a.
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Originally Posted by Jen
This all sounds good so should I still switch over to wet food? Are there a lot of carbs in this food? I am just a little unsure and I want to do the right thing, but every reason I have been given about switching to wet, this food I already feed them seems to contradict.

The first ingredients are chicken meal, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, ground rice, poultry fat (preserved with vitamin E, ground whole wheat and natural flavors. That seems like too many non-meat products. Is that ok if the other things are all good? Where do the carbs come in to the picture?
You do what you can...but yes, I still think switching to a wet food diet would be better for the long run...though I do like Nutro's dry and do use their natural choice complete care weight management currently, as I slim down my guys (except my cats I have on a special diet). Those ingredients are awful, but I do like nutro's natural choice line better. If you go to the nutro site, you can find all the stats for each dry food, including the guaranteed analysis with ash and magnesium content.
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I havent started the antibiotics yet so I will hold off til i can call on monday and see what the vet says about the whole thing with the urine being contaminated if I get it at home. Do you think they take that into consideration already? maybe they have a way to figure out what is the bacteria from the litterbox and stuff. Just a thought.

I think canned nutro would be best because it has AWESOME ingredients and all the good things I mentioned that the dry food has.
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Does the urination behaviour change while your cats are on antibiotics? I thought that is what I read in a previous post? If there are no accidents while they are being treated then isn't this likely an infection???
I am not sure about your luck with vets?! It seems to me that if symptoms disappear while on antibiotics then infection is likely. I can't understand your vets reluctance to culture the urine. As others have said, a culture while on antibiotics may have no bacterial growth so you want to collect a sample before treatment. It is also very easy for a clinic to keep a cat in a kennel for a day with no litter pan! Usually after 4-5 hours the kitty will have a full bladder and a cysto can be performed.

As far as diet I agree with most of what has been said. For perscription diets I like Medi-cal. They use natural preservatives and I don't recall any by-products listed in the preventive ingredients. Check out the website for info:
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Sorry, just checked out the ingredients list myself, and the canned preventive does contain by-products. As many of you well know, I don't believe in the "all by-products are evil" school of thought, so I still think this is an excellent diet and I know it works!
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I posted something like this to the Dry vs. Canned thread. Try this it works for my tortie that has constant crystal problems:

Put your cat on canned food. Add some water to it also. Do not free feed your cat. Urine ph goes up when cats eat. I give mine three meals a day. If they don't eat it all right away, pick it up. I use baited water too when my cat gets crystals to dilute her urine. I just put a couple of smidgens of canned in a small saucer of water and wait until she laps it up before I give her any more food. It should be mostly water with just enough food floating in it to give it a good smell. This regimen always gets my cat over a bout of urinary ph.

I was tempted to try a meal or two of dry food every other day or so after my cat did so well on the regimen described above, and she came down with a bout of urinary crystals in about 2 weeks.

Try the method above and see if it stops your cat's problem. Usually crystals are self limiting using this method, but in case of a male cat, I would take him to the vet because they have a narrower urethra and can get a serious blockage.

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