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Kitten makes funny noises when breathing

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Jinxy is about 5 1/2 months old now. He is a Persian and I am aware that Persians may have respiratory problems. Jinxy does not have the pushed in face but he could still have the same make-up inside as the Modern Persian with the pushed in face.

Anyway, when we first got him we noticed it right away. The vet gave him antibiotics, thinking he had a virus. It did not clear up but he seemed fine. We took him back to the vet and she prescribed more antibiotics which did not clear it up either and he still seemed otherwise fine. Also I read that it is probably because he is a Persian.

He has like this nose whistle first of all, plus he makes these little grunting sounds, and a lot of sighing, especially when we pick him up. The sound come from both his nose and belly. It is very funny, but I am wondering if anyone out there can tell me if they have a kitty or Persian kitty with the same type of problem. The vet cannot seem to find anything wrong, although all she did was give him meds and listen to his heart and lungs.

Should I be overly concerned???

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I don't know if it's anything to be concerned about or not, but my Boo snores when he's sleeping really deeply. It sounds like little groans and whistles. But he's not Persian, just a 14-year old guy, and his checkup was fine.
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The persian I was caring for had the same problems. The vet had me using the nose drops for children called little noses. Whenever he got congested, I would put a drop in each nostril and he cleared right up.
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Sandie - I am glad to know you can use nose drops for little ones - Rip still suffers from a lot of congestion and I would love to help him. Thank you! Deb M
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Thanks. I will look for little noses at the pharmacy and give it a try. But I am not totally convinced it is congestion. It sounds like it, but he's had it since we brought him home months ago and meds did not help at all. Plus he also makes these little snorting noises and his belly churns or burps or something. Its hard to explain. I hope its nothing. I'll try the drops and keep an eye on him. If anyone else has this problem with their kitty, please post. It makes me feel a lot better!!


- Jacquie
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Did the vet mention asthma or even consider it? My sister's cat was having some difficulties and making noises when breathing, and she was diagnosed with asthma. Hope nothing is seriously wrong.
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My 1 yr old male tabby had a respiratory infection, so they said, from the time I got him from the vet for at least 5 months. He still exhibits congestion. None of the meds they gave him really took it away. I even wonder if the poor little guy can smell! Would the nose drops help him? Any suggestions are appreciated. Casper is such a lovey kitty.Thanks! Tammiemom
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Sandie - I found the drops (little noses) but there were 2 kinds. The saline kind and a degongestant kind. I was afraid to give him real medication, so I bought the saline kind. It did not work though. I was worried about the degongestant because he would need it probably every day, as it is not a cure, so I did not want to hurt his nasal passages. Which kind did you use? Should I try the other one?

Janine - The vet did not even consider asthma, but I had thought of it. I will mention it next time I go in.

Wish I had a clue and I dont really have the money right now to have a million tests done just to find out it's just the way he breaths. That's why I was hoping I would find out that it is common among Persians, which is something that I once read. He doesn't seem like he is suffering at all, but I know it's hard to tell with animals. He will be getting neutered soon, so I will ask the vet to check again. I am just afraid she will go on a hunting expedition and charge me tons of cash for nothing. (I guess I don't really trust doctors!)

Thanks for the responses.

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