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Hand Grabbing

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My cute little 8-week-old kitten, Freya, seems to have developed a very human-like habit. She likes to grab hold of my arm from time to time, and pull it close so she can place it in her mouth ((Gently, no more than a little pressure from her teeth)), then start licking it. She also likes to try and initiate little wrestling matches with my hands, though I'm doing my best not to encourage it, as it could make her a bit more aggressive later in life, no matter how gently she's grabbing hold of my hand, and no matter how sweet and loving she is right now.

So, has anybody else had a kitten who liked to hold on to you?

Oh! And one last thing - I've been cleaning the gunk from her eyes regularly, and she's been very good about it. Earlier today, she was resting up by my head, and she carefully reached out, with retracted claws, and patted my eye very gently. It was the cutest thing. :3 But it was almost like she was trying to return the favor. Of course, then she started nudging my glasses with her mouth a bit, so I suppose it was just a coincidence. :3
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No, no coincidence. Simon is my wee-est cat, and he has more human tendancies than I've ever seen in a cat.

One thing I've noticed with him is that he liked to nibble/scrape his teeth on the edge of my fingers. I think it is a nursing thing, but I don't know. I know he does it and purrs and snuggles and kneads, so that's why I figure it's a nursing thing.

As for the hand battles, Simon was a monster for a while. What I did was every time he did that, I would replace my hand with a stuffed animal, and encourage him to battle that instead of me. It's helped a great deal - he's only 6 1/2 months now, and won't attack my hand except rarely.

One of Simon's favorite spots to sleep is inside my bathrobe, next to my heart. He won't move if I get up and get more coffee; he'll just lay there, and snuggle. He does hold onto me, too. Sometimes he'll put his front legs around my arm, and just hug me. It's sooooooo cute and touching.

Sounds like your little one is normal.

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:3 Freya's favorite spot is anywhere around me. She's entranced with my typing fingers right now. Even watching me, she starts purring. I'm so glad I found her at the shelter, and was able to bring her home. She's so perfect for a first-time kitten owner. X3 She hasn't been kneading at all, but she does snuggle, and reach out for my fingers when she's resting, so she can nibble at them. She's such a sweet little girl, and she's adjusted very fast. Just over a day, and she's acting like she owns the place!

Thanks, Michele. :3
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Well, she's graduated from just grabbing hold of me with her front paws to doing a lot of other things! Once, I crawled over to her, and she hopped onto her back paws and held out her front to me, like she wanted a hug. X3 She's also obsessed with just holding things between her paws, then throwing them, then trying to catch them. It's insanely cute!
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