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Just an update on Pickles

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Hi all, for those of you who I have talked to or read my post thought I would give you an update on Pickles. As you know he has (squamous cell carcinoma). Well we made it through Christmas I am happy to say
My friend came over and saw him she said that he looks like he lost weight, She hasn't seen him in awhile. He otherwise appears fine, is still cuddly, eating, sleeping, running around the house, occasionally irritated with me and bites me. I spoke to the vets office he normally goes to, they said I can bring him in to be weighed, (at no charge to me), which is nice of them considering they already got enough money from me. I also think I am going to stop giving him the diet cat food, I don't think he needs it, and it may be better to have him put some weight on. For those of you who I spoke or told you about how the MSPCA doctor, wants him to have an echocardiogram, we decided not to put him through it. I took into thought everyone's suggestions, and comments, and think its my job now as his mom, not to put him through anymore needless tests, as there is nothing they can do for him. I figure let him live out what life he has left happy, fed what he likes to eat, and all the cuddling and hugging he can handle. I am hoping he is here for a long time (I have been told that he could survive 5 days, 5 months, 5 years, no one seems to know). So I am going for the long haul. We also decided not to put him through anymore heart meds, (he hates them and they seem to tire him out, they were for his blood pressure, and his heart murmur, which they discovered after 10 years, but we think he does better without the meds). I just hope in my heart that I have made the right choices. I to pieces, even when he does bite me when I am sleeping. Well thats all for now just wanted to keep you posted. Thanks to you all for listening and helping me with my questions. Will check back soon. Pickles and I hope you and your families have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!
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Thanks for the update on Pickles... I'm sorry to hear he's losing weight but I'm glad he's acting normal. He sounds like a sweetheart, I hope he stays with you and your family for quite a while!
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Thanks for the update...I most def. agree...ditch the diet food! Please keep updating us as time goes by.
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Sometimes the best medicine is exactly what you're doing - giving Pickles unlimited love and treating him like a normal kitty. Quality of life is so important, and Pickles has that thanks to you!
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