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Why I'm A Born "Sucker". How About You?

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1. My life insurance policy is left to the estate of my cats, so if I die then the very cat friendly-friends who will become the foster parents and they will have food and vet paid for, for life.

2. I have complete conversations with my cats. When they talk to me, I talk right back.

3. When they do something that pisses me off it only takes one head butt or purr or "pitiful kitty face" for me to forgive them.

4. When I leave I tell them both that I love them and to be good.

5. When I arrive home it makes makes me smile (Even if I've had a bad day) to see them hop into the window upon hearing my car and, upon entry, they both get a kiss or a rub.

6. I can't go to sleep w/o at least one cat in bed with me. In fact, I keep a bag of treats on the night stand just for luring purposes.

7. I love that cute face they make when they use the liter box. And they look at me like "What are you doing? Can't you see I'm busy?". LOL.

8. When I have film in the camera, I can't help but snap pictures when they're doing something cute or lying on their back, etc., even though I've already got a dozen pics of the same thing its still just so damn adorable.

9. I buy helium filled balloons w/ the long strings just for my cats to drag around the apt. and play with. Its so cute.

10. When I'm gone from home for several days I have to call my cat friendly-friends who are feeding them to check up on how they're doing and to "Give them a kiss for me" and "Tell them I love them and I'll be home soon".

Geez, aren't I the epitome of cathetic (pathetic)?
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I don't think that's pathetic at all. In fact I'll bet most of us cat lovers are all just about the same.
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You're not alone. When I'm away, I call home and when my answering machine picks up, I tell everyone of them that mommie loves them all, send kisses and will be home real soon. Every roll of film in my camera has nothing but cat pictures on them. When feeding my cats, my oldest, Mollie Rose, will sit under my kitchen table and wait for me to serve her supper because she wants to "dine alone"!
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Meowman....I think that is so cool, the way you treat your babies!! When I get home from work, I pick Merlin up, and say, "Were you a good baby today?" and then I look around to see if anything has been destroyed....lol, and if not (usually not) I say, "Well, yes, you were a good baby weren't you?" And I spend the next 10 minutes nuzzeling and loving him. It always brightens my day to have someone so happy to see me!!
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