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Pictures of my cats!

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I haven't shared new pictures of my kitties in awhile, so I thought I'd make them a thread. These are actually about two weeks old, but they're new to me since I only just took them of my camera tonight!

First, an Esmeralda sandwich.

We had contrcators working on our windows and the noise scared her - poor girl thought she'd try to hide between my pillows!

Henry, getting in (literally) on the Christmas spirit.

Meeko, Essie and Phineas all enjoying their wet cat food (I tried to get Henry in the picture too, but he wasn't cooperating!)

Phineas keeping an eye on the food bowl (he has a good view into the dining room from this position).

Henry in the window.

A pile of cats!

A couple of Phinny in one of his favourite places to sleep, my desk (conveniently blocking the keyboard, of course! )

A few of Henry just relaxing.

(Please excuse the fact that I really, really need to vaccuum the chare in that last pic.)

Esmeralda. She doesn't move a lot , so it's a bit hard to get new and exciting pictures of her, but I always feel bad that the others get more pictures than her and take them anyway.

Phineas getting quite comfortable in his new bed.

That's all, thanks for letting me share them!
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What a happy family. You cats are sure well-fed
Hey, Phinny and Hobbes have the same bed. Glad Phinny is enjoying it.
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hehe so adorable!
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very cute nice pics
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Lovely babies!
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adorable piccys of your babies
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They're all adorable! Every picture made me smile!
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Your babies are so adorable. I always wonder what Mama is doing there at your house (Phinny)
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awwwww, cute! thanks for sharing those pics!
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cuties, all!
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Great pics, beautiful kitties. I love the the pile of cats pic.
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I don't know which pic is my favorite........a fur family to be very proud of!!
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Such beautiful babies and they all look so cuddly! My favorite is Phinea watching the food bowl, too funny!
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your kitties are all very cute. i would love to see more pictures of them.
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OMG Kylie I just love those dots on and under Phineas's nose! He's a treasure!
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