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Todays radio question: 12/31/04

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How will you be ringing in the New Year tonight?
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Probably watching movies at a friend's house. Well, we will definitely be at our friend's house, but we will probably be watching movies.
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Going to a poker party at a friend's house.
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We'll be at my sisters trying to stay awake until midnight!
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as far as i know a bonfire at my bf's sisters house
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We are going to be watching the fireworks from the balcony tonight.
My bf has started his own little party with his own music and his own bottle of vodka which we arent joining in!!
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Well last night I had a quiet evening with Mum & the fur kiddies - had a frozen dinner and a raspberry fizzy drink! Went to bed at 10.30 and got woken up at 12 by mum screaming down the house because it's 2005 - ok maybe not so quiet.
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sleep, sleep and more sleep!
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My friends band is playing at one of the local bars in town so instead of going to their house for my birthday bash that I share with my best friends sister, we will be celebrating out tonight at the bar tonight. Brads the designated driver though, so no drinking for him, other then pop or water... Me however? I intend to be pretty intoxicated this evening!!!!!!(for the first time in a LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG time!)
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I'll go to my friend Shannon's house. her hsuband is working.
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were going over to friends house to celebrate
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Quiet evening, late dinner, timed so that there's not more time between the end of dessert and midnight than is needed to hide the dinner debris in the kitchen and pop a cork. A "Happy New Year" toast, a few hugs, and then off to bed.
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me and my parents are renting movies and drinkin some champagne. im happy because finally i get to drink the champagne too hehe. :P
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We've already rung it in. Our niece and nephew decided to join us (Jamie and me; Robert is working), and they/we watched two Chinese films ("Hero" and "Infernal Affairs") on DVD. Now they're planning to watch all three "Chinese Ghost Story" videos, which they've already seen at least twice, so I guess they won't be getting up much before noon tomorrow! I've really turned these kids into Chinese film fans! Jamie is still hanging out behind one of the sofas because of the fireworks. It's funny - when our town ends its summer festival with a fireworks display, he likes to watch from the living room window, but he really gets scared when the neighbors set off fireworks for New Year's. It hasn't been too bad this year - I think the devastation wreaked by the tsunami has had an impact - a lot of people are donating money they'd otherwise have spent on fireworks.
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The same way we have been celebrating it in the last 3 years...alone at home...we'll fondue with chocolate, strawberries and pound cake--along with champagne and our favorite drinks. Happy New Year everyone!
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I was gonna go out to an all-night skate.... But I changed my mind and decided to spend NYE at home with my kid and half-kid.

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Home alone, with the pets. My niece, who was supposed to dog-sit, bailed on me and Bill went to his sister's, without me. I have a brand-new bottle of Jack Daniels, a 12-pack of Coke and a bucket of ice.
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