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My 2 Boys

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They are the best boys! Right now they are cuddled in the midst of warm towels that I just got out of the dryer. Before that, they tried to help me set up the new cordless phone I just got. When I am on the floor, with an open book, where do you think one of them decides to sprawl and take a nap?
Isn't that cute?
Do y'all's cats do that?
Do they get where you want to be?
DO they get in the middle of stuff you are reading/working on?
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As i do signlanguage my cat always attacks my hand when i am talking to my mum and dad. He seems to think its really fun

I was reading some old Take 5 Magazines and he just decided to spread all over it.
He usually sits infront of the screen when he wants more attention hehe
Right now he is sleeping in my draw but i think its time for him to wake up.
I think he got sick today
And as for the warm sheets, in this house we havent got a dryer but i wonder what he will do with the warm sheets in the next house lol
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Yea my babies do that. Especially when I'm reading the newspaper Elmo decides that's the place where he wants to curl up and nap.
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How many Persians do you have? Do you brush them all every day?

They are so pretty!
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We have 3 persians, and the rest are exotics. We don't brush them everyday, just once or twice a week. Thank you!
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I can't read anything if any of the kitties are nearby. Joji is fund of rubbing herself on whatever I am reading. QT head bonks, Skinny paws it and Wawa whines and pounces on it.
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It seems like my cats think that if I am that absorbed in gazing at something, it should be one of them that is the object. After all, that book can't be as interesting as a cat! Becky
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Conner likes to warn me first. He will walk up to me while I am curled up on the bed or couch eith a book he will come up and press on the book with his paw,,like "ok, here's your warning,, I want love." If I do not respond by putting the book down then he will colapse the front part of his body on my book while standing on his back two paws,, it's really cute and you cant help but laughing!!
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Aw that's cute. Your boys sound so sweet!

Baylee doesn't do stuff like that... but if I have a batch of clothes in the basket that I'm trying to sort out she'll grab at it like she's mad at me for taking them out. Lately when I'm curled up on the TV she's starting curling up against me, which I love.

Cats are so great!
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