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Just need to talk.....

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Hi everyone, about a week ago we noticed that Brandy (our 8 month old Birman) had gone off her food, she was always quite a podgey greedy little thing so we were concerned, I bought her some wet food (she usually only has dried) to see if that would help, but she only picked at it and it took her two days to eat what she would normally have eaten in about 5 minutes.....I took her to the vet last Thursday, and they said she had a slightly high temperature and she felt constipated, they gave me some laxative for her and a special mushy food that I had to force feed her as by this time she had stopped eating altogther, - though she was still drinking. Anyway I force fed her the food for three days until we ran out, and I gave her the laxative medicine, after that she managed to go to the toilet once, but her stool was really dark and very hard.....anyway she seemed to start trying to eat again just picking at wet food now and then, but she still has not put any weight on, she looks ill to me, she's very thin and lethargic, though she still purrs and follows me round the house occasionally. However, the vet said that if she didn't show any signs of improvement to take her back to have a blood test, - they think it could be Feline Leukeamia!! Of course this has REALLY worried me, I love my baby so much and I also have 4 other babies to think of. I have to take Brandy to the vet tonight for the blood test, and then wait a couple of days for the results...... Im just soooo worried I hope to God it's not Leukeamia.....
Thanks for listening to me go on, I've got my fingers crossed for the vets tonight
Thanks again...
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Couldn't she eat something she wasn't supposed to eat & block her intestines or something ?? Just an idea !

You can give her 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (safflower, olive, soy etc) everyday for her constipation.
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OOH Bodlover...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I will keep you in my heart and prayers for the you and you little kitty family.

Keep us posted.
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You must take her to the vet again right away!! Cat's pur for many reasons and one of them is if they are in pain another is frightened.

My baby had the same thing happen to him. Big boy! All of a sudden he wouldn't eat and was losing weight. I thought he was being finicky or maybe getting older. It turned out to be a serious liver disease. We had to put him to sleep and it was just aweful. I'm not saying that is what is wrong with your kitty, but I know it is fairly common and happens to a lot of cats. Have the vet give a blood test to check for liver or kidney problem. My cat wasn't going to the bathroom either, but it turned out to be because his body wouldn't digest food because it's organs had shut down. I don't mean to scare you, but it could be serious and the sooner you find out the better.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Oh, I hope she isn't in any discomfort. Sometimes cats do purr when they're in distress, but you should be able to tell if she's really in distress or not. My Missy had lost a lot of weight too, and if I hadn't taken her in when I did, it's possible she may have had too much fluid in her chest so she couldn't breathe at all. As it is, I'm monitoring her all the time, counting breaths, giving pills, listening to her heart. She's had to have her chest drained twice so far. I'm hoping and praying that her checkup on Monday shows that she's improving. If not, I don't know what to do. It's so hard when our kids get sick because they just can't tell us what's wrong. And I think that kitties sometimes get really brave and determined not to show you that they feel ill. So keep a good eye on her and feed her anything she might eat - even baby food. Missy will eat baby food - veal, chicken, beef. Just make sure it doesn't have onion or onion powder in it (most don't). We're keeping our fingers crossed that you'll get good news about Brandy.
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I am so sorry to hear about Brandy. Let us know what the results of the blood tests are and keep us updated. We are here for you whenever you need us.

Good luck
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Just stay calm until all the workups are complete. We are all here sending out best wishes your way!!!
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BodLover, I am so sorry that Brandy is so ill. I will have my fingers crossed for her. Hopefully it will be something that is easily treated. Give her a kiss for me.
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Bod i'm so sorry for Brandy you should ask the vet to check her kidneys & liver please keep us posted with the test result my heart is with you.
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Hi everyone, thanks for all your respones and kind words. We took her to the vets, and they said she was very ill, they did a blood test, and gave me some more food to force feed her with. We had to take her back in on Saturday morning to get the results. They told us that it wasn't Leukaemia, and it wasn't feline AIDs either (which they had also suspected) but she was EXTREMELY enemic (sp?) and her liver and kidneys had given up. They said they would have to put her on a drip but that in itself would make her worse because it would dilute the few blood-cells she had left, then they would have to give her a blood transfusion, but they said because she was so weak she would probably reject the blood anyway, basically they said there was nothing they could do. We had her put to sleep at 9.15 Saturday morning. I don't want to say too much right now as Im too upset, both me and my husband spent all day Saturday in tears, and Im still trying to keep them at bay thismorning (I have to, Im at work).
Im going to post a thread in the rainbow bridge forum later when I feel more able. Thanks for your concern everyone, Im glad I can come here and talk, everyone I've mentioned it too so far has said, "Oh well, thats what having pets is all about"!!! - funnily,- that doesn't help. We also have some idiots living opposite us who have threatened to kill all our cats for no reason, Im now worried about them - I can't cope with anything else happening to any of them, they are my children, thanks for your thoughts and prayers everyone.

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I am so sorry... Wish i could do something to help you... believe me I am thinking of you with all my heart... Be strong... for all you other cats...

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Thankyou Anne-Claire
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I don't think there are any words to make you feel better. Just know that we are all here when you are ready to talk. Our cats are not just "animals", they are part of our families.
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I am so sorry. My Norton had to be put down just this past July. He too lost weight and was not eating. That's why I was so concerned when I read your thread. I had a bad feeling. I was absolutely inconsoleable. It is hard to talk with people about it because they just say, That's too bad or What a Shame. But we know it is much more than that. Plus, people have lost members of their own family so you feel stupid talking about your pet. So unfortunately I had to keep it to myself. Thank God for my husband, who felt the same as me and for this message board. I found this site trying to find out what was wrong with Norty. Now I scan the posts trying to help other people like you with a similar problem. People here helped me a lot when the worste happened. I truly feel for you. It was like the worste pain I had ever felt. It was truly horrible, so if you need to talk, please reach out because I know exactly how you feel. We had no other pets, so our home was so sad and lonely. The day after Norty died was the absolute worste day of my life!! Washing his bowls for the last time and picking up his toys. We kept all of his favorites!.

My husband bought me a new kitten, Jinxy, a totally different kind of cat. He is a Persian and Norty was a tabby. He most definitely did not replace my precious Norty, but he did help enormously with the pain. I have grown to love him so much and am thankful I have him in my life, but I still think about Norty every single day. And dream about him often. One thing that helped me was to write a letter to Norty telling him what he meant to me and writing about all of his special qualities and my memories with him. It made me feel so much better. I recommend it highly. I also recommend a new kitten. I believe a kitten can heal anything that ails anybody!!! Your baby is in heaven now, she is at peace in no pain and will always be with you and watching over you. Always remember that.
I promise it will get better.

I am so sorry again.

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Thankyou Sandie and Jaquie, Im so glad there are people here who understand. Jaquie, - you're right about feeling stupid because people have lost actual family members and they think "its just a cat!", but to me my cats are my family members, to me thats like saying "its just a child!". Thankyou so much for your support and kind words everyone, and Jaquie, I am sorry about your Norty too - but I hope you find as much joy with Jinxy as you had with Norty (of course it will be different as no cat can replace another..)
I don't think I will be getting another cat just yet, I will just give the four I have left the extra love...... but maybe when Im ready I'll think about giving another baby a home.... Thanks again, love to all
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Oh, Bodlover - I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Cats are part of our families, and their loss is grieved as much as losing anyone you love. I know how you don't want to talk about it with anyone who might not understand. They are NOT "just" animals - they are sweet, gentle creatures who give love unconditionally, and don't ask for much in return. In that way, they are BETTER than people, and we love them with all our hearts. My husband and I have been crying for the last two weeks because we're afraid we might lose our Missy. She goes for another chest x-ray today to see if she's improving or not. I dread today's news - I'm afraid I won't be strong. I love her so much - she's my baby. So I think I know how you feel. I hope you can gain a bit of comfort knowing you did what was possible, and she's no longer hurting. And I hope that being able to come here and talk to others who understand helps also. We're thinking of you.
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Missycat, it really does help, being able to come here. I am sorry that your baby is so poorly, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Im sending all my love your way......I sincerely hope everything turns out well for you and your baby, let us know...
Love and hugs to you...
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I was sorry to read this this morning. I had been praying and pulling for both of you to get through this. I have been there and know the pain you are dealing with. I am just so very very sorry.
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I am so sorry for your loss.

My heart is with you and your family.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of Brandy. Cats are special little family members who ask for very little, and give back alot in return. Brandy is at Rainbow Bridge now where she is happy and healthy and waiting for the day she will see you again.

When and if you need to talk more about Brandy, we will be here for you.
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I can only join others in their words of consolation. I am so sorry for your loss! Take all the time you need to grieve your furbaby and we're always here for you when you need a shoulder to cry on!
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Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and support, I have now done Brandys page in the Crossing the Bridge Forum...... thanks again all.

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It looks like you have your hands full with your 4 other kitties, so getting another one for you, probably wont help all that much right now. Just love the other 4 you have for now. I am considering getting another one for the same reason, you know just in case. It is true, I did feel like I lost a child. He was my baby and I loved him his whole life. I feel for you and hope it gets better real soon. Hang in there!!

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OH Bod i'm so sorry & i feel for your loss cause i too lost my baby on august just few days befor my birthday.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Brandy. I had a Labrador Retriever named Brandy when I was growing up. She was also very special and just like a human member of our family.

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Thanks everyone! Im starting to feel a bit better, just concentrating on how glad and lucky I am to have had her in my life!! She was my angel, and will always be my angel!
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Bodlover, I just read the whole thread, and am sitting here with tears in my eyes for you and Brandy. My heart goes out to you.

My own beloved cat had to be put down last Tuesday, we think partly because of a mistake by a vet (the whole thread is in this forum). I am still crying when I think about him, or at least feel a big lump in the throat and try to swallow it away. He was the most special cat I ever had in my life, which was filled with many different pets and animals.

We got a new kitten and can agree that it does help. He certainly won't take the place of Patches, but he is warm and playful and funny and purring where it was only silence for a few days after Patches died.

This forum is fantastic; it helps to talk to other people and to not be afraid to cry or to lend a shoulder to cry on.

Hugs to you. Brandy was family to you, and you have a right to cry and remember and grieve.


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