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Memories from childhood

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I have been sitting here reminising about my childhood. Maybe because it is very slow at work or because I am going to be a mom myself soon. I have come to the realization that I was extremely lucky. I had 2 parents who not only loved me and my sister, but showed their love to each other by holding hands, hugging, etc. They were a great example for a happy marriage. They had problems (who doesn't), but they always managed to work through them. I wanted for nothing growing up (although if you asked me then I would have said I was horribly mistreated - I never got a pony). We had our own home, my grandparent's had a cottage I spent summers at and we went on the occasional trip. I had friends and sleep overs and felt secure. I remember going to summer camp and when Iwas older going to horseback riding camp. We weren't rich in money, but we were rich in love and togetherness. If I did something wrong, I got punished and if I did something good, I got praised. I had a curfew and didn't think to question it. As a teenager if I needed a ride home from a party I was never questioned, just picked up.

I think that this weekend I am going to sit my parents down and thank them for being such great parents and for being such great examples when I was little. I wish we could go back to that type of relationship, but unfortunately that relationship has changed between us now and we are not as close. That hurts. I hope with my child I start out the right way and continue to be that supportive through their whole life.

Thanks for letting me ramble!
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What a lovely way to end a year and start a new one. If I had to guess from your "ramblings" I would say you are going to be a wonderful mom to your new baby. You were indeed fortunate to have such a childhood and I'll bet your folks will be thrilled to hear that you appreciate them.

All too often we humans only talk about the negative things to those we love and not thank them often enough for all the good and wonderful things they have brought to our lives.

May you and your family be blessed this season and the year to come.
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I think that's a great thing to say to your parents, perhaps it will bring the two of you closer.

Have a great year!
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you are extremely lucky to have two wonderful parents
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It sounds like we had very similar childhoods, Ady. And I do count myself very, very lucky, especially considering that of all of my adult friends, I can think of maybe one other who had the "normal" childhood that I had. It was definitely a good start to my life.
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Adrienne and Heidi, can I join the club who had your type of childhood? I often look back, especially because my beloved father who passed in March, 2003, and I am so grateful for the love and support they gave me. They made it to thier 50th wedding anniversary right before Dad passed, and I'm so grateful for that. Thanks Mom and Dad!
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Aw, sweet thread! I agree, you will be a wonderful Mumma Ady!
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Thank you for your ramble. It made me smile.
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Ady, can I join the club? It's lovely to look back on such a secure childhood, isn't it? That you recognize it for what it was bodes well for your own parenting. I wouldn't be surprised if telling your parents how you feel gives them a pretty big "shot in the arm", perhaps enough to restore the shine on your relationship. Can't hurt anyway.
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