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Do altered males hang out together in their colony

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Does somebody know if ferals that have been altered buddy up together in the colony? I mean with other altered cats? Not all we care for are fixed yet but I noticed that the 3rd male returned hangs out with another altered male..I hadn't seen that behavior with the females.
I wonder if that is because there is an intact male yet. Thanks.
Happy New Year!
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Our colony has a group of young males that all hang out together. They were altered at the same time but they were all born this summer, so they've been around each other all their lives. Not sure if you are talking about a newcomer to the colony or former rivals now hanging out...
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Yes they do, really any cat that has been left to fend for himself will join up with another cat as soon as possible, intact or otherwise
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I haven't noticing our cats dividing up by who's fixed. We have 10 cats -- 5 females and 5 males and all are sterilized now.

They divide up mainly by generation. The cats that were around before the new generations -- 2 females and 1 male -- hang together in a different part of the garden from

the six now-grown children -- 3 males and 3 females. Four of the children are especially close.

There is one unrelated male who mainly shows up to eat, but also plays chase and climbing games with the three male children. He is very tame and loves to be petted, but refuses to live inside (I've tried really hard).
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Thank-you! Very interesting..I try to pay attention to their behavior to learn about them and I've noticed that once they are adults is each for himself, except for this altered males that are always together. One is the former alpha male, possibly the other cat father (I've an imagination I know but they look so much alike ) He was ussually by himself until fixed. The youngest fixed male is always with him. The other altered male isn't a feral at the colony anymore; it's Clovis our housecat in training
The females we returned act just like before and they all play together, etc. The only intact male now seems aloof just like the former one..
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Our cats break down this way:

(1) huge loner male, he's a tomcat -- travels all over, really big, stays on his own. He was the biggest fighter when we caught him, now neutered.

(2) males -- black and fluffy orange -- now the BEST of friends...they barely walk up the sidewalk without being joined at the hip and pressing into each other. They're so affectionate, it's ridiculous. Both now neutered. They weren't friends until after they were neutered.

(1) female, the sister or mother of the fluffy orange cat (we know they're related - practically twins). She's a bit standoffish from the black cat, but also a buddy of the fluffy orange cat. They're a loose threesome....always two together.

(1) tortie female loner. Very skittish cat...she tends to go off on her own.

(1) neighbor cat, practically a stray. Not neutered. He's the neighborhood bully, but not that big. I don't think he'd go after the white alpha male, but he chases the fluffy cats sometimes.
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