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stopping ankle attacks

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My Seamus likes to attack our feet, ankles, and the backs of our knees. The kitten books say to carry around his toys and drop one to distract him when he's about to attack. But that's not very practical. I can't carry a toy everywhere. Any other suggestions? And my hubby taught him to bite his fingers, brilliant, and now I want to teach him to stop biting. I don't want an adult cat that bites everyone. Chris says he's just teething and needs to chew, but I don't think he needs to chew fingers. Thanks for your help.

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You could try keeping ping pong balls in your pockets - they bounce and distract the cat.
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There's a lot of different books you can pick up that will help you with both these problems. Just an FYI, I found them very helpful... but here is what I've learned:

Regarding any sort of biting (both ankle and finger), I've heard that as soon as the cat bites you it is best to stop whatever you're doing, say Ouch! if you want, and then stand up and walk away. Just ignore them. Don't talk to them, don't play with them anymore... it let's them know that biting = playtime over.

Good luck!
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Charlotte used to "attack" my feet because she merely wanted play. I would say "Ouch and No" to her but that really only helped at that particular moment. Ever since I adopted kitten to be her buddy, I have not had my feet attacked once. I realize that a second cat may not be an option, but it worked for me. The only other advice I have to offer is that playtime and exercise is definitely needed with cats. They need to expend their pent-up energy.
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You need to show disapproval in some way. Saying "no" in a sharp tone will sometimes do it. Some books advocate spraying with water from a plant mister - I found it just frightened our cat though.

We have a furniture scratcher (regardless of any other scratching posts provided) and when she does it hubby says No sharply. She stops. Then he points to the floor and says "come to daddy" in a commanding tone and SHE DOES!!! Incredible as it may seem she's learned this. If I say "come to mummy" though she looks at me as if I'm stupid and walks off.
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