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Daily thread for Friday

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Hey there! It is Friday!

Hope that everyone has gotten through this week without a great deal of effort. I have been home on vacation and cannot believe that Friday is here so soon. How can the week go by so slowly when at the office and so FAST when home?

I told in the Feral/Rescue forum that Goldie has brought me her latest brood. I feel so honored - so if nothing else good came of this week for me, Goldie made me a happy woman!
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Hubby comes home from a business trip tonight, about midnight. He's flying, and it still makes me nervous. We couldn't go into the airport to the gate to say goodbye and watch the plane take off when he left, which we used to do. My daughter cried about that. Not so much from fear as from the change in routine. She is only 5 and all the added security measures make her uncomfortable.
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Sunlion, I have a coworker who just flew in from Turkey. She said that the trip was wonderful because hardly anyone is flying and security is strict enough that she had no fears for her safety. So...I'm sure your hubby's flight will go well.
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We spent a lot of time in ikea today - getting things ready around the house... It's holiday time in Israel so the place was packed. We then went to visit some friends who live near Jerusalem an had a nice BBQ there.

The little kitten we are fostering has taken to sucking my thumb (much better than my earlobe). That means that I can only use one hand for typing. From time to time he chnages position on the laptop an deletes mt messages

Must be short...
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I am confused, what is the "daily thread" about?
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Vjoy - anything you want to talk about - they used to be more popular around here a while back- and I was missing them, so started one this past two days.
Anne has told me that anyone can start one........
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Today I....

Woke up.
Gave cat meds.
Lay on couch.
Cat lay on me.
I sneezed.
Cat gave me a look.
Cat went off to explore.
I fell sleep for an hour!
I woke up.
Went out to shop.
Came home.
Ate lunch.
Cat sat on me some more.
I fell asleep again!
Woke up.
Tried to give cat meds, she ran away.
Had to wait until husband came home to help.
Lay on couch.
Cat lay on me.
Cat fell asleep.
My arm fell asleep.
Had to remove cat from arm.
Cat moved to arm of couch and is sleeping.
I ate some potato chips.
I am now at the computer, typing this.
OOOOOOOHhhh I lead an exciting life!!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Your day was better than mine...
Today I...
Woke up
disengaged one 3 yr old and one 7 month old cat from my left side
disengaged FOUR 6 week old kittens from my right side
had 2 cups of coffee
took a shower
got ready for work
got to work and looked around to see who had drank too much
cut off above people
sold alcohol to about 75 people
listened to countless stories I'd heard 50 times before
broke up 3 fights
looked around to see who had drank too much
cut off above people
came home to my beautiful furry family
logged on to TheCatSite
drank a beer while typing and petting my cats

Wanna trade? :LOL:
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Cleo, that's a riot!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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