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Happy LAST day of 2004!!

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I'm working all day today, Until 8 or 9 tonight. Dominos are expecting it to be way slammed tonight. So that means I've got to do mega prep today. That also means I might not get off until late. Oh, and it's snowing, wich means we will be busy anyway...

I just wanted to leave you all with a wish...

I hope you all have the best day of 2004 today, so you can see in the new year with a smile.

I also hope that the next year brings you twice the positive of this year, and half the negative... or a quarter of it if your year was especially hard.

Kiss all your kitties for me and my girls.

Love from
Mystyc, Myth, MyRage, and Lady NyghtShade(Her first new year!!!)

Happy new year everyone, please stay safe and make it back to TCS next year. I'll be back this year, but... For those of you who I may not see when I get off work.

Have TONS of fun, with lots of friends, and do NOT for any reason allow yourself a bad day today. Please try to focus on the good. Send positivity to those who need it, feel empathy for those you need to, but try to remain positive, for today!

Have a good one everyone. Please think not so busy vibes for my Dominos today... UGH!!! I'm scared. Oh... And poor Shazbot (Merri n Pippin's pa) He's closing tonight, perhaps around 2am... Oh... BTW Pics of Merri n Pippin in Furpics!!! The pics were taken on the 29th of December... 2 days ago. They are so ... um well, not small

Stay safe and have fun all my friends at TCS!

Remember, tonight there should be people willing to give anyone a ride home if they feel they cannot drive. Please try to talk your friends into giving up their keys. Lots of people die on new years because they think they can drive. Keep your family as safe as you can.
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Happy last day of 2004 to you to!

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Happy Last day U2 Tia!
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Awww thanks! what lovely words.

Happy last day to everyone!
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Aww... Tia. Happy Last Day to you and all of the TCS community!!
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Happy 2004 and may your 2005 be all you dreamed of!!!!!
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Well ya know it was the last day yesterday but I will take those belated wishes.

Hopefully 2005 is a good one for all! next time I go into my room I must remember to change my calender. 2004 was so yesterday.
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Happy Last Day of 2004!
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send you all the vibes for not such a busy day at work!
we are not driving tonight
BUt my dad walked out of the house before so who knows when we will see him back into this house.

Have a great year everyone!!!
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Thank you, and likewise! For some of our members in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, it's already New Year's Day, so Happy New Year!
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That was really lovely!
Happy New Years Eve!!!!
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Originally Posted by jcat
Thank you, and likewise! For some of our members in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, it's already New Year's Day, so Happy New Year!
Yup, and VERY VERY soon it's new years Day for you!

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God blee you, MyRage, and thank you! Have a great evening.
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Thanks for sharing those thoughts with us Tia. Happy last day of 2004 to you too, and have a good night at work!
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Thankyou everyone. We did get slammed, but luckily it let off in time for me to get off work

We are headed to the bar to see my dad and his gf. I'm excited. I will probably not drink.. okay, who am I kidding, I will. I have a thing in my body that I start craving water when I drink. I've learned that if I start drinking water when I start craving it, I get just a nice drunk buzz, without the problems, such as... um.. hangover... LOL

Please everyone stay safe. Remember to call someone IF you can't walk straight. Tonight is NOT the night for any of us, or our friends or families to get hurt.

Thanks guys, you are the best!
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and all your adorable kitties. I like 'em ALL.




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