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Bijou and Mika

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Bijou and Mika have been getting along quite well. She sleeps on top of him and he continually grooms her to a point she will get fed up and nip him. The inside of her ears must be the cleanest of any ears around with the way he carries on.

Occasionally Bijou gets rough with Mika but she seems to hold her own. This morning after I came to work, my husband (who has the day off) called about something else and said they were fighting this morning. Does anyone know why that would happen?

Nothing has changed in the household, we play with both of them equally and cuddle each of them equally so I'm at a loss as to why the sudden aggression.

I just phoned home and told our daughter to spray some Feliway near them when they start getting aggressive and I think that will help but I wondered if anyone had experience with this behaviour and could give me some advice.
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Perhaps some neighbors are celebrating early and setting off firecrackers? That would be enough to upset both cats and make them aggressive towards each other.
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