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Also looking for some board magic...

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I know there are cat owners in much more dire straights than myself and could use the board karma more, but if you guys can spare some, I'd appreciate it.

Xena, the other kitten I adopted, but haven't been able to bring home is up for re-evaluation today. She's had some health issues. At first it was a URI, then it was a fungus that was only on her tail. They said it's cleared up, but are going to thoroughly evaluate her today. I'm just looking for enough to get her over the top.

How about it guys? Can I get some of that board karma?
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Every one of our babies is precious to us and we are always here for eachother! Xena, praying for your excellent results today at your evaluation!Please keep us posted!
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We always have enough magic to go around to all our babies. Here's sending some prayers and good thoughts to the evaluation for you.
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good vibes for your little bitsy
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Oh no, I'm sorry Xena is sick! Yes you can definitely ask for board magic... you and Xena will be in my prayers... please let us know how things go!
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Sending some board magic your way that Xena comes home soon, and is all better....

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Best wishes for little Xena's evaluation today!
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Good luck, Xena!
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Fingers crossed for your Xena that you make it through the evaluation successfully - your family want to take your home!! Heaps of board magic coming your way.
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Thanks folks! I'll hopefully find out between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm EST tonight. I'll keep you posted.

Really quick question about the introduction process. Now, Dakota has been here by herself for almost 2 months now. Prior to me bringing her home, both her and Xena were cagemates for about a week. Then I was able to bring Dakota home. But during that span, I was told that they got along great.

Will Dakota remember Xena? Can I expect the same behavior 2 months later? Or is it recommended that I go through the proper introduction steps? I'm hoping they'll get along great right away (don't we all), I don't really have the space to divide my apartment up for weeks on end.
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Lots of good vibes coming your way - I feel I have a few to spare now. On the intros I would take it very cautiously at first, but you may be pleasantly surprised.
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Sending lots of positive vibes in little Xena's direction. I hope she passes her evaluation and you get to bring her home this weekend.
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Lots of vibes going yours and Xinas way. I'll be looking for an update!
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Will be thinking of little Xena!!!
Let us know as soon as you can
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No news. Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow.
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Sending lots of good vibes Xena's way!!!
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Keeping up the good vibes for Xena!

I'd take it slow and easy on the intros, sounds like they've both been through a lot and will need a little reassurance and time to adjust.
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Great news. Xena gets to come home this weekend.

I still have treat her with some meds to make absolutely sure that she's over the fungus. She's lost some hair on her tail, but it's growing back. They also want me to treat Dakota at the same time JUST to be on the safe side to make sure she doesn't catch anything.
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Absolutely wonderful news!!!!!
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Great news!!!!
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Great news!!
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sending tons of vibes for the warrior princess.......

lol should have read all the posts first....but i am glad she is alright.......
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