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full circle

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Well - what do you know - a kitten sighting on the the wall fence. What I could see was one orange tiger and two fluffy grays. Goldie has brought me her second litter. About 8 weeks old I figure - time to trap momma in the next couple of weeks. The little scamps scooted inbetween the stones and hid as I approached. Left them a bowl of kitten chow and some water.
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Goldie trusts you- isn't that a wonderful feeling? Now instead of just catching Goldie, you need to catch her kittens as well. Wait a few days though, because I am sure there are other kittens in the brood...
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Thanks Hissy - Actually, I just went out again and 'peeked' -
I now see TWO of each color, same as the last time.

Hubby is already protesting about 'more kittens' - and I assured him that I would have all of these adopted and no more babies for us.
We kept two of the last litter and the other two were adopted out.

Goldie is such a good mom - these are lucky babies to have her.
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Debra...I'm glad Goldie decided to bring her babies around to meet you. Good luck in catching all of them!!

(I know what you mean about hubby protesting. Mine is not looking forward to the arrival of MommaKitty's new litter. After these there won't be anymore...until some other stray wanders on over. :LOL: )
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