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How about those fabulous Torties!

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The wonderful picture Liz posted of her beautiful SiSi, it made me realize that we have threads for just about every cat color permutation, but I had yet to see one dedicated to the beautiful, underrated tortie!

I'll kick it off with my girl Abbie. When I first moved to Chicago, I had little money & no furniture. It was me, a blanket, and a B/W TV. When I found out I passed my nursing boards, I didn't go out and buy furniture or a color TV. I got Abbie. Nineteen years later, she's still with me.

Here are her baby pics:

a little older:

for a couple of years I had a roommate who had her own cat. Poor Emily. Abbie was a young cat, and Emily a senior. This was the only type of interaction they had for two solid years:

Now she's a senior citizen herself. Her health is failing, and I see her lose a little ground every day. I felt the need to start this thread before I only had sad news to share. Here is a pic from a few months ago:

Now, calling all torties!!!! Let's see these beauties!!!
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Awwwww she's gorgeous!

Theres my Rosie in my siggy
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Yay for Torties! How cute!
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that last picture of Abbie is awesome
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Kelly, Abbie is so very very precious!!! You can tell from the pictures that she has quite a personality! Nineteen years of having that sweetheart with you - that is so wonderful! It kills me to hear that her health is failing. I am so sorry. I really wish cats lived much longer than they do. But I have to say - the last picture you posted is my favorite. She has obviously gotten more beautiful with each passing year!
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Abbie is the sweetest from her baby pictures to her latest!
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Thanks everyone for your kind words about my girl. And I agree that cats don't live long enough

Come on all you tortie lovers. Let's see those pics!
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Abbie is so gorgeous, Kelly!She has such a sweet, loving face!
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Abbie is so beautiful!
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Her'es Paige, My little attacy kitty, that my mum loves so well (She calls her a raccoon, why, I do not know.)also known as Jubb Jubb, the lover and protector of Gibby Bippits the tiny, from Mean Miss Hiss.

Showing some tortitude (daddy, take a shower, you stink!)

I am known as the sleeping perch of the pigglesnort.

Having a bath

With her one remaining soft claw after she learned not to scratch..

Plotting something..Note, the chair of doom she prefers sitting under.

And I have some of her playing but I think that's enough.
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Oooh a thread for my little Tortietude Doku!

I didn't do it I SWEAR!

Hot diggity dog this feels good! (Yes she is laying upside down in the sun)

This is MINE!

"Oooooh the sun will come out TOMORROW..."

And I have to share one of her as an itty bitty baby:
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What pretty Tortoishells!
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You can hardly see it but Isis is a diluted Tortie. She looks all gray in pictures but she is actually black, gray, and small amounts of orange. She is my lover girl! I've had her for 4 years now I think. GOSH has it been that long? how time flies when you have a great thing!(or four in my case!) Yes it has been four because Twig is going on 6 so she will be about 5 next year. WOW! anyone seen my brain!?
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Lovely tortie babies

Here are a few of my sweetie, some you've seen in other threads...

...but there's a new one from this morning, too, snuggling with Daddy...

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I can't share anything for this thread, but I have to say that I adore torties, and particularly dilute torties. They are all SSSSSOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Every one of these beauties in this thread deserves to be admired and adored.
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Love them all! Especially, the one with her/him drinking out of the straw!
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I used to have some torties in australia they were beautiful!!
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I'm trying to have my dad send me pics I scanned at their house of Titsi, my first cat she was a beautiful dilute tortie.
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This is Nakisha.... she passed away shortly after her first bday. Her bro passed on shortly before she did. It was very upsetting since i had not seen them in 8 months.... Her bro passed on before I came home and her a week later. She was very sweet and Im sorry to say these are my only pics of her....

I do have one more but i cant find it right now...

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I love torties.

Abbie is sooooooo beautiful. In about 13 years my Mystyc will be 19. I'm sorry your girl is old, but I am so happy that you and her have a wonderful relationship It makes me so happy when people have their cats(or any other animal) for their whol lives. Let her know she has a new fan.

Paige She's so beautiful.

I just love that kitten pic of Doku, what a cutie.

Cindy's so beautiful

Nakisha was beautiful. I'm sorry she's gone.

All the torties are so beautiful.... I've got a few of MyRage, I'll just have to add them to Photobucket.
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Here is Susan's/Rosiemac's Rosie........cute huh?

Rosie as a kitten

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Hahah Rosie's sure has a nice smile
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Here is Susan's/Rosiemac's Rosie........cute huh?

Rosie as a kitten

Awwww theres my little princess!

Thanks for the surpise Susie
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I loooooooooove that last one of Rosie -- such tortietude!
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Nice thread, Abbie is beautiful!
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Here is a couple shots of Titsi.. the photos were severely browned with age (Apparently the early 80's-late 70's were not a kind era to photos..) She was a goddess.. I miss her dearly (and I was still a baby when she died..)

My lovely dilute tortie girl.. RIP

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Oh Titsi was stunning! Dilute torties have to be my favorite color of kitties.
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Beautiful Torties everyone!!
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Aw I love blue creams! Titsi is cute. And love the couch!
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