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What was/is going to be your wedding song?

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Just thought I would ask
First dances at weddings are one of my favorite things

In the VERY early stages of planning mine, our song will be
To Make You Feel My Love ~ Garth Brooks
(sorry to those of you in my other thread! I really thought I had posted it !)
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ours was 'stand by me' - it had always been our song since the day we met (long story)
the title of the song was also on our wedding invitations on the front page
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welll our wedding march is going to be the Main Theme from the movie "True Romance"

but our song and first dance is Rancid "Who would have thought"...john is there biggest
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Our processional was Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring played by a string quartet (local music teachers, who did this on the side, excellent but reasonable )
our song during the wedding, sung by musician friends of mine, was "The Wedding Song" which I still love so much, Recessional was Purcell's Trumpet Tune and then to totally switch gears, our song/first dance was to Sarah McLaughlin's "Possession", her acoustic was his surprise to me, I had no idea what he'd selected, nor had I heard this particular song before, I loved it, it was perfect for me/us, though I knew my mom, grandmom etc. were all wondering "what in the heck??"

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If I ever get married again, I want George Strait's "I Cross My Heart". I can't remember the artist but, I also want "The Keeper of the Stars".
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At the reception my 1st song was Your Love Amazes Me by John Berry and our last dance was Love will keep us Alive by the Eagles. My father daughter dance was Love Can Build a Bridge by the Judds.
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Well, for our wedding, our bridal dance was Shania Twains's, From This Moment, and for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the song that Dad and I danced too.........I'll think of it.........
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Oh I love that Shania Twain song. I can't think of anything more fitting... I wanna use it!
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I would kind of want to do sweet child of mine or something but the family would not appreciate that so I'm thinking either bryan adams, heaven or warrant, heaven isn't too far away. But I also like old jazz and stuff so I'm not sure..
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Our Processional was the trumpet processional or whatever it's officially called, It's lost me, and we left to Ode to Joy. And then.. it was turkish night from then on. But our song is "If I had an angel" by nightwish.
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Hehe, I wonder if bf and i would be even dancing at our wedding
we are very shy dancers but we have been thinking about joining a dance course. So most likely we will be doing spanish dancing
And the dances if you ever watched "shall we dance" i forgot the dance names but they were very awsome
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Our wedding song was All I want by Toad the wet sprocket
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Love is eternity - By Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung.
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Our first dance song will be "Running" by No Doubt
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We processed and recessed to Mozart, but don't ask me what pieces. We both love Mozart, and the traditional stuff wasn't too appealing to us. We lit the unity candle to George Strait's Cross My Heart, which we finally decided on a day before the wedding! LOL We didn't do a first dance, our reception was a kegger at our apartment.
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I love a song by the Bee Gees, I can't remember the name at the moment but I want that one when I get married!
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