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Animal Movies

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I just received "Two Brothers" on DVD from Netflix but am a bit reluctant to watch it because I'll probably be crying in the beginning of the film (when the brothers get separated -- the premise of the film).

I find I have to be really careful with animal films because so often the ones about a "special friendship" between a human and an animal end with the death of the animal. Anybody else have this problem?

Since "Two Brothers" is about a special friendship between two animals, I'm hoping there won't be any animal deaths.
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That was a very well made film, Colleen, and the tiger's were adorable! I saw it with a family with which I was working with their 3 little girls, oldest 8, youngest 2, and I personally felt it was far too violent for certain age groups. The overall message was really great, but I believe you have to be at a certain maturity level to understand it, just as anything else. Get your tissue ready!
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i do have problem with animal films when the animals die aww!

I cry even when children die! or when something is really connected with them but theyhave to leave each other.
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I have that problem too! lol I cry like a baby when they shoot old yeller. I even get teary-eyed in Turner & Hooch where they shoot the older guy that owns Hooch. And at the end as well.
I'm such a sucker.
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I am a sucker about animal movies. I was watching Far from Home: Adventures of Yellow Dog and I bawled my eyes out - I think my poor hubby was embarrassed to be seen with me at the theatre. At least the woman next to me was doing the same thing (when the boy was rescued, but the had to leave the dog behind).
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We rented Two Brothers over the holidays and my daughter and I were very disappointed in it. I had been so looking forward to seeing it and I found it very dark and disturbing. I would not recommend it to anyone.
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