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Las Vegas?

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I will be going to Las Vegas this month for work - they are putting of a hair care sympoisum, so I get to geek out with lapts and cash registers.

I don't drink, smoke ro gamble any more past lossing 20$ at 25c video poker. The people I am with usually get wasted, act silly and at a point are just plain annoying. i am not looking for a fun trip. I am a basic homebody , prefer not to go to far out of my "comfort zone". Hopefully I can talk a hairdresser or two to give me tips on my hair as well as someone PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO PUT MAKEUP ON!

Any of you guys going to be in Las Vegas the 14-20?
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Sorry...I won't be there I love Vegas....I loved walking the strip and seeing the M&M shop. We played the slot machines...and went to Postrio in The Ventian. Try to catch some shows and get a massage or two! But, most of all try and relax!
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wonder if I can convince my DH to fly me all the way over there so that i can help you

I dont like my chances
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I am envious! I am not a gambler either, but I so want to see Vegas with my own eyes. I suppose you aren't a Star Trek fan. I want to visit the Star Trek Experience in Vegas.
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Talon, I don't smoke or drink or do any drugs or whatnot and I had a blast in Vegas. There was so much to do!!!! I love to swim so that's a given with all the pools, but the shows are great! I would play video poker in the early evening and then seeing the Cirque de Soleil "O" at the Bellagio was the highlight of my trip. Try to call in advance and get good seats, it's a water show and breathtaking. There's lots to do -- let your hotel Concierge do some work for ya! That's what they're there for. HAVE FUN!!!!
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I don't gamble either (drink occasionally) but I love Vegas. I was last there in August this year as part of my nostalgic revisit of the West Coast. I loved the new Venetian and walking the Strip is always fun to see the new fountains and of course the Mirage volcano. Cirque du Soleil is a must. And I spent a fortune in the shops in Caesar's Palace as always. I hated the Paris resort, and New York New York was OK. You can spend days just wandering round the theme park hotels, there is lots to see.
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Go to the Shark Reef aquarium at Mandalay Bay. It is fantastic. Don't miss the white tigers at the Mirage or the lions at the MGM Grand (if they have small cubs, you can get your picture taken with them). MGM Grand has a good amusement park, too.

At night, the Fremont Street Experience is not to be missed. Neonopolis is downtown, too. A non-profit group has resurrected and restored some of Vegas' classic neon signs and has them on display.

The Rio has Circus in the Sky, several times per day. The best view is from the mezzanine, surrounding the gaming floor. In addition, the Rio has the best lunch/dinner buffet in town. If you can't find anything that you like, you're just too darned picky.

The animated statues at Caesars Palace are quite a show, too.

Everything listed here is free, except for the aquarium, amusement park and lion pix.
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I love the Mirage and spending time in Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden (it is like a zoo - has a bunch of animals). You can always spend time at the pool - every hotel has one. I highly recommend going to see Lance Burton, the Magician, at the Monte Carlo. His prices are fairly reasonable and he is brilliant. You don't have to gamble in Vegas to have fun.
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I went a year ago when I was 18. So I couldn't drink or gamble even if I had a choice. lol I agree with katl8e for the Shark Reef. It was amazing. And Fremont Street is really fun too. They have a bunch of neat shops and at night they have a laser type show on the ceiling. I saw a really cool one with songs from Zeppelin, The Who, etc.

We also saw a good magician down at the Tropicana and George Carlin at the MGM! He was hilarious. I think unfortunately, that MGM has banned him from doing shows there now. lol But I heard he has moved onto a different casino.

Bellagio has a couple nice water shows at night to different songs. And the Mirage has a volcano that goes off. Depending on where you are staying.. you don't even have to leave your room to see these. lol We stayed at the Flamingo and we could see them from our window.

Also, it is just fun to walk around and visit the casino's like The Venetian where you can take a gondola (sp?) ride, Caesar's Palace, The Mirage, The Luxor, MGM, New York, New York, Excalibur. You can always find fun things to do or see just by wandering around.

I can't wait until I turn 21. My grandmother has never been and wants to take me back.
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I smoke, drink, and gamble, but really didn't do much of that there.. I was too excited about seeing the sights to waste time.. i swear there is so much more to do there.. And seriously about the wondering around thing, as long as you stay on the strip especially towards the top you will always find something to do.
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I'll have to see the shark reef - as that is where I will be staying the Mandalay Bay - I don't rembmer that being there 4 years ago when I was there. I do remember the parrots in the lobby. When I felt homesick (I have 11 parrots) I'd go down and visit.

Hopefully this time I won't be as tired as I was last time - I'd live to walk the strip and see they lights!
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when i see las vegas in movies it always makes it seem to dangerous for me.

you have to be 21 to drink and gamble there??

My mother wanted to take me to the pokies a while ago because you can go in when ur 18 here.

Maybe one day i will visit america and stop by las vegas
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Originally Posted by Deb25
I am envious! I am not a gambler either, but I so want to see Vegas with my own eyes. I suppose you aren't a Star Trek fan. I want to visit the Star Trek Experience in Vegas.
Same Here! some day......
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I'd love to go!
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I got married there almost 5 years ago now at the Excalibur Hotel Chapel.

There's sooooo much to do that will not cost you a dime.
Take some good walking shoes!!!
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