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Wal Mart

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I cannot find the thread about the Wal Mart Employees shooting the cat BUT I wanted you all to know there IS a web site where you can complain about stores. I do not know what it is anymore only that it exists and when I worked for Wal Mart I got into it and complained about things AND AND AND almost got fired! If anyone is interested I may be able to find it!
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Oh my gosh, I must have missed the thread about the Walmart employees shooting at a cat...........
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Those people are truly cruel!
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A manager, angry that a cat would not be coaxed out of a storage bin in the parking lot, ordered 2 employees to get a gun and shoot the cat.
They are all suspended without pay, pending investigation.
I think we should start an email blitz to get these people gone!
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How on earth did they get a gun in the first place?
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What kind of boss would tell his employees to do that, and what employees would actually DO it?????????
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Just noticed that the links in IMO
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There is a good discussion on this topic in the IMO forum. It is in IMO as the discussion may become heated and the Lounge is a place for more light hearted fair.
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