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The one that hurt the most, and I am done getting them there, are on my ankles right on the bones.
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Sandie has an awesome tatoo - I have to get mine for my birthday in two weeks - Sandie has to go with me though because I am a baby. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sandie!
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Just curious!
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I can't wait to see Rene's first tat. I have three and when I get home, I have a feeling four won't be very far away. Just for your info, my first one is of my aby Rocky (now at the Bridge) with my cattery name under it and it's above my right ankle. The second one is of my husky with my husband's name under it (it was a Christmas present for him) and that's on the side of my stomach over my hip bone and my last one is of one of my greyhounds in a heart and that's on the inside of my right leg above my ankel. No. 1 didn't hurt, fell asleep (not drunk, just tired from packing because we were moving cross country in ten days), no. 2 laughed because I'm ticklish and no. 3 no biggie as I was doing my usual, yapping. Don't know what or where no. 4 will be but you can bet it will be of one of my babies, maybe one of my oriental shorthairs but where, not sure yet. I can't do any tats on my left leg as I'll be having surgery on it again (this will be no. 4) so it will probably be on my right thigh or back.

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Dear Sandie :angel2::pinky:

I haven't been on here in almost two weeks! I missed the folks hers and most of all..."Dang girl I missed your Birthday! Well, happy belated birthday hon...I hope it was a day filled with incredible loving memories!!! I'm sure it was...great things happen to great people!

You deserve that and so much, much more girly girl! :pinky::pinky:

Love & Best Wishes Always,
:girly1: :girly2: :bubbly: :kitty5: :baloon: :baloon:
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hissy - I don't have any tatoos - thats why I am a baby. But in the next two weeks I am going to do this as I told myself I would have my cat tatoo before my 51st birthday which is on October 18th.
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Great day for a Birthday!!!!!!! My Dad's Day... Libra...My Mom's is the 22nd
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There seem to be a lot of October babies!! Rene's husband Clint's is on the 23rd.
Cat, thanks for the Birthday wishes. Yes, my birthday was awsome. I think I described the whole thing along with pics of my bday tattoo somewhere in this thread. Now, if I could just make it so that I get younger every year!!
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Hi Sandie!! Wow, what a gorgeous tattoo!! I love it! Sounds like you had a blast!

I am not that brave to get a tat...I've got piercings, but no tats...not yet anyway...:laughing2....

My friend had this beautiful mural done on her lower back and she keeps adding to it! It's just so incredible...I'll ask if I can take a picture of it...BTW...she said it was extremley painful...and wouldn't recommend it. But, she said that was only her opinion and she said that she would hate to say that would apply to everyone.

So, I guess I wasn't much help there

I know what you mean about getting younger! I think I've been 29 for the ...... time! Thought i'd let that out huh? NEVER! :laughing2::laughing2

Have fun and it's good to hear from ya...

Love ya,

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No matter how big a chicken you are...don't get a Tat while drunk!
First, booze thins the blood, which will make the ink bleed and may cause blurriness. It also hinders the clotting and healing process.

Second, any reputable tatooist will refuse to do any work on anyone "under the influence", and anyone who will give anyone "lit" a Tat should be considered questionable.

Third, unless you're sure of what you want and where, its just a really bad idea to get a Tattoo while buzzed, you may end up with something you'll be embarassed about or ashamed of.

Ok, enuff lectures, I think your tattoos are great Sandie, from what I can see, and the color is great!
I love the general theme of fairies and a kind of Alice in Wonderland thing...
lets see more!
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I will second everything Cleo said. It is very important to know what you are doing. There are several things you have to worry about.If you are diabetic, you should be very careful. You should also be looking for signs that the place is not up to standard. They should have an autoclave on the premisis and use the sterile equiptment. You should be able to see them open up unused needles. Ask to see books of thier work. It should smell clean while you are there! IMO tattoos should not be a fad thing or a spur of the moment thing. I got my first one 10 years ago, and do it because I have an appreciation for skin art. Everything I have is something I enjoy very much.
Yes, I will have to ask Ken to help me take pics of the ones I have. I might be able to get them into one or 2 photos so I don't take up very much room on the site. Some of the old ones need to be re done and re colored. The first ones I had done were not very great. I hope to go to a convention some day to see what they are all about.
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thanks for the info guys. I was actually just kidding when I said I would have to be drunk to get one. I wouldn't try to do that.
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