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Happy Birthday Sandie!!!!!

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I just wanted to be the first one to wish you happy birthday!!!

I love you!!

:icecream: :icecream: :icecream: :blubturq: :blubturq:
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And I wanted to be the second one. Although you are not over the hill yet like the rest of the gang, you're getting there. Enjoy your special day and Ken BE NICE.

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Happy Birthday Sandie!

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Happy Birthday Sandie!!
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Happy Birthday Sandie!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!
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Thank you everyone It has been a good day so far. Ken decorated downstairs last night, so I woke up to a very festive livingroom. He also had the coffee made for me when I got up. I think I am just going to spend the day relaxing and counting all my blessings. I keep wondering where all the time has gone
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Have a wonderful day!


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Hope your day is special.

:laughing: :LOL: :daisy: :flower: :flower: :angel4: :baloon: :baloon: :LOL:
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Sandie! I hope you have a wonderful day!
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:baloon: Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!:baloon:
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No cleaning today!
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Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Sandieeeeeeeeee
Happy birthday tooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

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[size=large]Happy Birthday!!!![/size]

Lots of happy smilies for your big day!

:girly2: :daisy: :bubbly: :rainbow: :baloon: :blubturq: :afrorainb :laughing2 :angel2: :pinky:
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Thank you all so much!! It was a very enjoyable day. I spent it with hubby at the mall(Kylee was in school) and then went for my birthday present(a tattoo). I decided I wanted pizza and a pie, so I got my comfie cloths on and sat on the couch!! I could not have asked for a better day. Now I get to finish my day with all my friends here at the cat site!!!
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I'm glad you day was a blast but do you have to leave me hanging??? What type of tat did you get. How many is that now? Seems like I'm going to have to catch up (I already have 3 and they are all of my babies). BTW, is it in a place that I can see at the December show?

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Ooooh...a birthday tattoo! How cool!
You have to tell us what and where it is!

Maybe that will be my birthday present to myself this year, I'll be 41 in December and my Angel on my back needs more color...thats a great idea!
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The guy I found here is awsome..now I need to have him do some touch up!! I think this makes 12
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because of the glare, I can't tell what it is, I see flowers at the bottom.

is that your leg?
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LOL...it's my leg. The new addition has to have A+D ointment to heal right..hehe. You can see it if you know what it is. He is a half man, half goat sitting on some mushrooms playing a wooden flute.
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now I see it!!!

how did you pick that design?

he did a great job. It's really bright and the lines are clean.
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If you look, you can see a line of flowers and a fairy's legs off to the side. When I started this, the idea was to have the half man playing a flute and the flowers to come out. The fairy is just above that flying next to the flowers. It is sort of a mural I have been working on. When I went to the shop, I looked through his books and there he was...so I decided it was time to add him since I had found the right one. Now, he is going to do some touch up on the other pieces and I will be adding more to it. This guy is just awsome, I am so glad I found someone here I trust!!!
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It's beautiful and thanks for sharing. Looks like I found my new tat guy when we move home. I need some color touch up on my aby (Rocky) on my leg and want to get dh's "In Loving Memory Of" done over his bulldog (Joey) that we lost 3 years ago. Enjoy.

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Sandie, was it painful?
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It is beautiful artwork though, and I can see it through the glare.
BTW better late than never- Happy Birthday!
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That looks like it's near your knee, there's not much flesh there, that must have hurt!

Not that I have any tattoos, mind you, but sis-in-law had one on her ankle and that was quite a thing.

Pierced ears is enough for me, though I'd do a nostril if hubby wouldn't freak. (Might do it anyway, if I get a bee in my bonnet.)
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Hmmmm, did it hurt...LOL. I guess it all depends on your tolerance to pain. It does hurt, but not enough to make you cry or keep you from doing it again. The outline usually stings a bit and depending on the size, the longer you are being worked on, the more it hurts. The closest I can come to describing it is a rug burn. It is more on my outer thigh, so its wasnt very bad. I don't think I would ever choose my ankles again and I am a bit worried about doing one on my lower back. The tough skin,muscles and bones are probably the most sensitive areas.
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remind me, how many tats do you have?
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I do believe it's 12 now
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Sandie I have one on my lower back it hurt really bad!
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which one was the most painful to get?

sometimes I want to get a tattoo, but I always end up chickening out.

I think I'm going to have to be really drunk to go through with it.

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