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question about indoor cat...

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I have a wonderful cat named "Monocco". He is around 7 years old...
I am worried about having to now make him an indoor cat after he has been out. He loves going outside...Now the apartment that I am moving into is on a very busy street, and there is no way that he could go out.
For the last 8 months he has been living with my Mom on a farm. He slept inside and was in quite alot, but he is out during the day. I just don't know how I can move him into the city, into an apartment, and have him not be miserable. Any sugestions would be appreciated.
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Don't worry, he'll adapt. Mine did when I found him in the street. Suggestions, get him lots of toys and a nice scratching post that he can climb. Leave a radio or TV on for him for the comfort. Good luck and don't worry, he'll adjust and please keep us posted.

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We recently adopted a cat who apparently had lived on the streets for around 8 years. He has adapted quite well to being an indoor-only cat. Patience and time (and lots of toys as Frannie suggested) will make it turn out okay.
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Thanks for the encouragement. I've been very worried about moving him here!Will keep you posted. Thanks.
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I have a 16 year old cat that spent 9 of those years out side. We brought her in one day 7 years ago and now you couldn't get her to leave if you wanted to; she will go to the closes window screen and climb it! So don't worry I'm sure your kitty will grow to appreciate the comforts of indoor life. Good Luck, Larissa.
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