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Interesting behavior?

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Conner is a very odd cat. He has always done this and I was just wondering if it was normal or if it was sexual in orientation or what?? My kitty loves dirty things. For example, Say I pull the trash bag out of the trash can and tie it up for taking out,, Conner will go and rub his face, neck, and body all over the bag. He will search out the dirtiest gym sock or old dish towel he can find and go to town rubbing his face and neck all over it. He does it with everything really...arteficial flowers, the phone, the couch, whatever. But his fancy is mostly dirty things, he just has a ball. It's like his catnip,, he gets high off of dirty things,,lol! ....So, odd or usual behavior??
(BTY, he is not fixed, he's getting fixed in Jan, he is a yr. and a half.)
Sanctie and her nery strange cat Conner
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My cat rubs on everything and anything as well. Its their way of marking 'their' territory. They have scent glands in their faces as well as their paws. Why a cat needs to mark a trash bag I'll never understand.
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Most plastics have animals renderings in them (animal fat) it is highly attractive to cats with their keen sense of smell and they mark it because it is a strange creature they smell, it won't move if they bluff charge and so they spray it-
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Now I know why my cat chews on my flip flop sandals. That's kinda gross.
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the thing is though, he doesnt spray it. he just loves it to death. He will lay down and hold a dirty dish towel in his arms and rub his face all over it.
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My boyfriend had a really, really stinky, dirty pair of knitted booties that he used to wear. They had a combination of stinky feet and other animal scents on them (dog and cat from his house) and Charlotte loved those stinky booties. I found her one time rolling on them like she was in a catnip high. Totally gross.
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He is marking it with his scent, warning it and claiming it as his property. Nothing to worry about unless he decides to make a meal of it-
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