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Me and Kitty need help!

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Hello everyone! I just discovered this site and I want to introduce myself and tell you about my cat!

Kitty was a stray, my boyfriends old room mates found him about a year ago. He was declawed and neutered when they found him. They brought him to their apartment where they had two new kittens and didn't do anything to adjust him to living with them. They didn't even give him his own bowl, or litter box or anything. Kitty got along ok with the female kitten, but he fought a lot with the male kitten. So, the owners of the kittens hated Kitty and started abusing him. They kicked him and turtured him and made life miserable for him.

So I took him about 6 months ago to live with me. My room mate also had a cat so we kept them seperated for a while. Kitty's litter and bowl is on my side of the apartment, Zoey's on her side. They do alright. They aren't by any means best friends, and we do have to seperate them to their sides every once in a while. But for the most part, he has because a much better cat. He doesn't bite any more, he is very affectionate to me, but he doesn't like very many other people. And his one bad habit I have yet to be able to break is his tendency to pee on my bed! Any suggestions for this would be great!

My apartment lease specifies that we may have ONE cat. I knew this going into the lease, but the room mate that owns Zoey was planning on moving out when the lease ran up, taking Zoey with her, and then I would be free to keep Kitty. However, when she moved, she didn't take Zoey as planned! Now, my new room mate, wants to keep Zoey and says that I have to get rid of Kitty. I don't know what to do! He wants to drop Kitty off at some abandoned barn or something and just leave him in the cold! I have tried shelters, but 1) He would NOT do well in a shelter and 2) they are all full at the moment! I have also tried posting some listings online, but I have had little responses.

Oh, and another thing about Kitty, he has asma.

Please help Kitty and I!! I don't know what to do any more!!!
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!
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Usually peeing on soft things indicates the cat is stressed.It could be a foldover from her abuse, I have one kitty recently traumatized and she is peeing on every soft thing she can find. I have taken her to the vet so many times to rule out urinary problems, the vet said he is going to put a revolving door on her carrier! I have since come to determine that this is the aftermath of her trauma, and am trying different rescue remedies until I find one that works. But I would urge you to take your cat in and rule out UTI first- that is always the first thing to do

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Roommate issues can be tough, I know. But PLEASE don't leave poor Kitty in an abandoned barn. That's cruel, and if your new roommate is so willing to do that then there is NO way they should be allowed to take responsibility for Zoey. What if you move out, if they were so willing to dump Kitty, then they probably wouldn't mind dumping Zoey either. Please don't just dump a declawed cat in a barn, how would he feed himself and if he has asthma?!? Poor Kitty!

Have you tried talking to your landlord? I know it is risky, but you might be able to work something out with them. I would hope they wouldn't want you to turn a domesticated cat into a stray or worse just because of a lease clause. Those can be changed. If you explain that Kitty was a rescue and that you thought Zoey would be leaving they might be more leinient. And maybe you can work out a time table for finding Kitty or Zoey a new home.

Why did your old roommate just leave her cat behind? I think you are about the same age as I am, so I can imagine that a lot of your friends and roommates are in this weird transitory period where they move a lot etc. But that is the sort of thing that should be considered BEFORE one takes responsibility for a cat. If you don't think that either you or your roommate can provide a permanant home for Kitty or Zoey (Meaning that when you move they go with you) the best thing is probably to wait until a shelter has room for them and then surrender them both so they can find a family that will keep them forever.

But if you think that you love Kitty enough to want to keep him until he is old and grey you should try to work something out with your landlord. And if that doesn't work then talk to your old roommate about taking Zoey. But do NOT just dump a helpless animal in a barn during winter. And I wouldn't trust an animal with anyone who proposed that as a solution either.

(PS, Sorry if this sounded mean, but dumping animals is one of my big pet peeves, my family owns one of those "abandoned barns" where animals get dumped. I can ask some of my friends in Chicago if they are interested in a cat. If anyone is I'll message you.)
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Thanks everyone for your replys! I will try talking to my land lord. The funny thing is, she lives up stairs and she has SEEN him several times, but she's a little flaky so she just assumes its the same cat.

Also, just to clear things up, the reason Zoey's owner didn't take her was because her girlfriend is allergic to cats and they thought they would be getting a big enough apartment to deal with it, but they ended up getting a smaller apartment.

If you do hear of any one in Chicago that fosters cats, please let me know, in the meantime, I will continue to do everything I can to socialize him.
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Sorry, but I'm seeing a bit "red" here. How is it that your new roommate has the authority to tell you to get rid of Kitty so he/she can keep Zoey? Were you not there first? I also think that someone who is so ready to dump a cat in a barn should definitely not have the responsibility of ANY cat.

Just my opinion!
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I really hope you can figure out a way to keep kitty. There are way to many cats out there needing homes.

I know this is a big step but would you want to move somewhere, where you can have more cats?

Please dont leave kitty someone like a barn, or abandon him anywhere. Try and put an ad in your local paper for him. Also when you got him did you check him for a tatoo in his ear or get the vet to see if he is microchipped, if he is mabee you could find his old owners.

And also you said your landlord is flaky and thinks the 2 cats are just one, try and keep it that way, dont let her see kitty again and if she ever asks say sorry we were babysitting a cat for a friend.

And peeing on your bed that sux! Well dont ever let him in your room, get him his own litter box, dont let the other cat go in it or try not to. Also he may be stressed so try and get some relaxers from the vet to calm him down. He's been through so much, I can imagine why he pees.

I hope you find a solution for kitty!
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aw dont let kitty go, it needs you!!!
you know, If i had noone to turn to, for this cat and if i DEFINETELY COULD NOT HAVE IT IN ANY WAY! instead of dumping it i would take it to the vet and make it go to heaven. Because if my kitty is traumatised from its previous owners and if nobody wanted it for its illness what else can you do? it will end up being more traumatised when its in a barn and will die from starvation and may even get killed by other predators.
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Realty Check:

Your kitty doesn't trust other people, because he has been abused prior to you owning him, by other people. So unless they take the time to work with him slowly one-on-one he will protect himself as best as he can, by avoiding them, or bluffing them with agression.

Your cat will not fare well in a barn for several reasons. One the cat is declawed, and two the cat has asthma. Barns are dusty and musky and your cat would really suffer if he is suddenly dropped off in the middle of nowhere. You would be wise to go to the landlord and explain calmly the situation, tell the landlord the cat is declawed, litter box trained and well behaved. Offer to pay extra in order to keep the cat. I would bet the landlord would cut you a break. Choose a day when you know the landlord is not going to be rushed or to busy, even take over some coffee, or donuts or something to sweeten the talk.

But please take your cat to the vet so the vet can check him out. He could have a health issue brewing and peeing on your bed is his way of telling you he doesn't feel quite right-
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