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cat seizures

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Hi people. I am hoping I can get some answers here. I am sure you have read many articles in here about cat seizure. My 2 1/2 year old cat Rhiley has been with me since he was 6 weeks old. He has already been through 8 lives. When he was just over a year old he fell off the 11th floor balcony. He broke his leg and had to have it re constructed and have a rod put in. The doctor did a good job. You would never know he has had a re built leg!
Anyways, recently we had to take him and his brother's to my mothers because my wife became allergic to them due to her pregnancy. They have been there before. The only difference now though is he is soooo afriad of my younger sister. He get's so afraid and I don't know why. He does not like her. The first time I seen this was when she was at my place before we had to move them. On Monday morning I noticed Rhiley acting a little wierd all of a sudden. He looked confused and disorented. Then he tensed right up. Right away I went to him. I thought he was chocking but he seemed to be breating. He was not having convulsions. He was just so stiff and un responsive. His eyes were dialated as well. It lasted for about 40 sec. then he was fine. He was himself for the rest of the day. I guess he had another episode yesterday. It didn't sound as sever according to my mother. I am wondering what would all of a sudden cause this to happen to a healthy cat. Could stress do something like that and also I know poinsetta's a poisonous to cats, could that cause seizures if he ate some? I do know that he always tries to eat plastic shopping bags as well. What do you think.
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If he were mine, I'd take him to the nearest vet to have him checked out, sooner rather than later!
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I would agree, there are materials in the plastic bags that are not good for cats and can be toxic. I would take him in to be checked. It is also possible that he has suffered a fall, or god forbid, a blow to his head.
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It doesnt sound good to me. Can you get him to a vet to check him over-could be a 'little siezure'. It may be caused through stress or anything - I would have him vet checked - at least you would then be able to rule out anything medical. These siezures can come on at any age. If it was poisen it could be a slow acting one? Has your sister had a 'run in' with the cat - maybe not intentionally?
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Let me add my voice, yes...vet apt. as soon as possible, these do sound as if they may be brief seizures. You need to find out for sure, so a tx plan can be implemented.
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I was wondering also if the seizure could be a result of a new cat treat that he has never had before. He never had any seizures until after he was given some treats. Thanks to those who have replied.
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Hi everyone. I thought I would give an update on my cat Rhiley who had a coupke seizures last week. He has been fine and has not had anymore since we stopped giving him his new breath mint treats for cats. May have been something in the treats??? I think also he may of ate some insulation that was in the basement. Rhiley eats anything!!
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