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I have a stinking heavy cold, as far as my wife is concerned its a slight sniffle. however, to me its raging beubonic flu! Have spent most of today in bed and sweating it out constant. Just got up now at 17.04. What do you lot do when get a bad cold and what do you take? I believe that men should take every conceiveable thing but none of it works - so may as well stay with the natures remedies - vicks, paracetamol and loads of sympathy from my wife - yehh fat chance...
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I always take lots of vitamin C and I have those alkeseltzer<sp?> things on hand. Other than that, lots of rest seems to be the best remedy

hope your well soon,

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I think the Alka Seltzer chewable cold tablets work wonders. They taste kind of like baby asprin.
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For me a Beechams Powder - it's got something to bring down fever, and something that gives your spirits a lift. Then some warm honey and lemon for the throat - and because it tastes nice!! And of course a good moan and comfort eating if I feel up to it!

Hope you feel better soon.

P.S. My hubby always reckons his raging flus are always treated as slight sniffles by wifey too. So you're not alone
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Just found that whilst asleep this afternoon, Carol has done my ultimate medicine.... its all inthe pan ready, onion soup with fresh onions and grated cheese will be spread over the top... Had it once in the US and it never tasted so good in my life and I never forgot it. Carol makes it perfect and I am told that an onion a day is supposed to keep these colds away.... so heres to the soup later tonight, together with a hot cup of lemonade, scotch and honey......
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Be careful not to have too much cheese. It can add to the sniffle problem. The onion soup sounds awesome!
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Drink loads of orange juice!
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Gesundheit! I hope you'll feel better soon.
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Hey Kev , Sending Health Vibes to you!!!!!
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Just had my first bowl of onion soup - that stuff tastes great with the cheese - why does cheese make you worse??? But whatever, it was at Watkins Glen in the US I had it at Motel 6 and it was about 14 years ago... looking over the lake - ahhhhh memories and the smell - beautiful place. Oh well, an edition of friends to watch and off to bed. Need to sand the wing of teh model am building......bye...achoooooooo
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Originally Posted by kev
Just had my first bowl of onion soup - that stuff tastes great with the cheese - why does cheese make you worse???
Not cheese specifically, but all dairy products. Onion soup is worth it though!
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Hang in there Kev.......things could always be worse!
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