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Ani & Trent's Collage

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Hi Everyone.. I had made this photo collage a while back. It's difficult to take a photo of it, but I really wanted to share this with you.. I haven't hung it up just yet..

I had taken a bunch of photos and collaged them into a frame. It's really beautiful in person
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Lauren, it looks beautiful from here. What a lovely tribute to your two angels.
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What a wonderful way to cherish their memory. I know it must be painful to look at for you right now, though. It is truly lovely.
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Lauren it's perfect! Now you can actually see your babies watching over you and Skylar
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Beautiful Collage of Your Two Angels!
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It's very beautiful and a wonderful way to remember two sweet little angels!!!!!
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It's beautiful. That's what I did for my mom when she passed. Thankyou so much for sharing.
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you just gave me a great idea

yours looks very lovely
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I couldnt have thought of a better way to honor their memory and your special bind with them. They were precious kitties and you did a great job,,something to really be proud of!!
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Oh my, Lauren, this is just glorious! What a special tribute to your precious babies!
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Thank you all so much It really is so nice. Some of the pictures are of when they were little . I couldn't get the whole collage in here because it's big, but those are different parts of it.
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Lauren, what a beautiful idea and it looks great. R.I.P Trent & Ani
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It's so touching to read all your posts about Ani and Trent. I feel like I am sharing the love, the grief, the memories with you. You are truly an amazing person to be able to express your feelings the way you do -- both in writing and in photographs. I know I've said this before but even though I cry when I read these posts about Ani and Trent, I'm also moved in a very positive way because I can feel the immense amount of love you shared and still do share with your babies. For this reason, I know that they are very content little angels.
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What a beautiful Collage of your two beautiful babies.
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