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Cat Cross Stitch

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I was looking for free patterns online and I came across this cat collection and I wanted to post the link for ya'll to look at if you like cross stitch.

Cat Stitch

These are a little cartoonish but they are adorable.
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Thanks~! Would you believe one of my favorite gifts from Christmas was from Eric's mom: she framed a hand-(cross)stitch snowman she made for me. It's lovely. I am sending her this link. Thanks, Beth!!!!
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Awww they are neat! I love the french cat!
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Ooh neat. I haven't cross stitched in a while but it might inspire me to get back into it!
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OMG!!! Thank´s for share, can´t wait to show this to my Wife, she loves this things I Do!!!!!
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many thanks - will show it to my better half - shes just finished one from Texas - Maggie Raes web site who we get a lot from as they are cheaper than over here in the Uk - called Antique Bears. Shes started a new one tonight for me called Wolves. Thanks for the heads up
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Ahh, those are so cute!!!
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I want to learn it, My friend used to make them and it looked so nice and fun!
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