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EEEKKK!!!! Adelaide's Vet Visit

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Well, today is the day of Adelaides visit to the Vets - we've been waiting for this with dread since the appointment was booked. We don't know what they're going to say.

We've decided to keep her hungry this morning so that when we put smelly fish in the back of the cat carrier she's suitably hungry to be enticed in there. So she's only had a tiny bit of breakfast this morning. We felt that she's going to be upset today anyway so keeping her a bit hungry to save more distress getting her into the carrier was probably about the best balance who knows if we were right I'll tell you when we get back.

I've got a list of things to ask the Vet. Can she see alright (we fear she might have diminished sight in her left eye); are her ears ok; is her tummy alright and can we have her claws cut please (they are very long and I think a bit ragged as she gets them caught in the carpet when she rolls over and has to pull hard to get them out). In addition to that he'll also be running the usual tests.

Her appointment is 2.30 pm our time (about 9.30 US EST??? I think). Please send all your good wishes Addie's way to make sure she's ok. I don't mind about a wonky eye or anything like that - we'll care for her anyway. The biggest worry is that she might have a tumour in her tummy or FLV etc.

I let you know any news we have in Addie's thread on the Feral and Strays forum later.
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good luck Addie
heres hoping for a clean bill of health!!! and for a stressfree visit as well!!

I think I will be sound asleep by the time you get back so I will be looking for the update when I awake

stay strong Addie we will all be thinking of you
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If you have a hard sided carrier, don't be surprised if she hurts her nose or teeth when she goes bonkers.

Hope her test come back good! Mine cats tested O.K., so Addie can, too!
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I hope Adelaide's vet visit goes smoothly. Can't wait for the update!
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Good luck Addie! Hope we get to hear a clean bill of health later!
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ok just a quick one...can't stop....have just nuked the mackerel to wake its flavour (thanks MA)....going to put it in the cat box....as soon as Addie's in there will put a towel over the carrier and run straight for the vets.

Feeling really nervous now....update later

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Good luck from my Adelaide to yours !!!!!!!
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Sending *Good Vibes* your and Addie's way!
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Thank you all so much you're wonderful. She's back home and healthy - her vet story is in her thread here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...599#post496599Again - thanks so much. Board magic is a truly powerful thing!!!
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