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Originally Posted by Nebula11
I thought of that, but being a former employee because it was a self scan its not anyones drawer if you get my drift.....as for them raising the prices I had never thought of that.....
also on a side note...Stop&Shop has a very big union, and the union would step in if the store ever made a cashier pay.......the union is so big that you can not be fired from there unless they blatently see you steal
But thank you for that side of it i had not thought of that yet.......
You're absolutely right Bridget! It's no one's drawer, its the machine and I can't tell you how many people actually come into the store and intentionally try to get over... A few months ago, I had a guy come in and claimed that his $20 bill got caught in the machine... I opened the machine and it had gotten caught so, I obviously gave him back the correct change and he left... 2 mins later, the kid who had been standing behind him and witnessed this, called me over and told me that he had inserted a $50 bill and demanded the change... Before I even opened the machine I told him "First of all, the machine usually wont take a $50 without my approval and second of all, I know you watched the guy ahead of you and if I open this machine and there isnt a $50 bill in the bill acceptor, I'm calling security!" (I just happened to have a phone on me that day).. The guy just looked at me, shook his head and left... believe me, I have more where that came from... Bridget, you're probably the only one that would understand how I would rather be broke with no job, like I have been for a month and a half, than be working in that God-forsaken place!
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Here's another story for you.
A long time ago (probably 2 years I think) Brad and I went thru the drive thru at BK. Well the girl was not very bright( to say the least) and even thought Brad kept telling her "here's the money." she never DID take it! she just shut the window after giving us our drinks and then gave us our food and hustled us out of the way. SO Sorry, I didn't feel sorry for her either. She was pretty out there.
But working in a restaurant, I know that it has basically become about how fast you can get the customers through the lines, both at the drive thru and the front counters, and not about customer service. OH they preach customer service though. But when you try to talk to the customers in the drive thru, they get mad because you aren't serving them fast enough. We are supposed to have 60 seconds to serve them from the time they get to the counter of the window and I'm sorry, but that's not enough time to be customer friendly in my opinion.
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I bought two cases of bottled water not too long ago. They were buy two for five dollars I think. When I got home I realized that the cashier had only charged me for one case. I ended up paying $2.50 for 24 bottles of spring water. I felt bad about it and wanted to return the one case, but never ended up doing it. I still feel a little guilty about it! I'm glad I'm not the only one!
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I had a similar thing happen to me. I was buying a computer for my parents from an electronics store but the were out of stock of the CPU so we just bought the monitor and went to another location to buy the rest. When we got there we realized it was actually cheaper to buy the CPU/monitor/printer package and we decided to do that instead. It was no big deal all we had to do was bring the monitor and the receipts to customer service so they could return the monitor and ring it up as the package. I go up to customer service to pay and the cashier rang up everything. I wrote the check and the cashier noticed she forgot to take of one of the discounts so I tore up the check and wrote another. That happend twice.

On the way home I looked at the receipt to make sure we had all the rebate forms and I noticed that when the cashier refunded the monitor but forgot to recharge me for it . So when we got home my Dad called the store. He said they store looked up the receipt and was told everythng was fine. That was the 3rd store employee that looked and the receipt and said everything was fine. At that point I gave up trying to show them their mistake.
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I would have had to be honest and tell them we just figured out we didn't pay for the groceries. I have had that happen to me and they told me thanks for being honest, and I didn't have to pay it either. That is just me though, if you needed it that badly, I guess I wouldn't tell either.
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