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book I recommend

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I was just given a book for my birthday today and I recommend it to everyone!!!! Its just awesome!!

Its titled '101 Cataclysms - for the love of cats' by Rachael Hale.

It is a book on cat photography - but its just amazing

here is the link for her website - and these images are the ones in the book.
She also does one for dogs titled '101 Salivations'

I just love it
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Oh yes Dan I love her work!
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Oh I love that book! They have it here at the bookshop, and everytime we go I sit there and am mesmerized by it. It is just gorgeous!! I think I just need to buy it!
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What a great book, Dan, these kitties are so beautiful!
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Oh wow!!! I haven't actually seen this book yet, but a friend of mine mentioned it to me.... I just checked out the link, and the pictures are awesome!!!
Thanks for the recommendation Danielle I know what book is next on my list to buy now....
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I'll move this to Paws & Reflect.
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Ooh interesting! That's for the reference, now I'll have to put it on my to-buy list!
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i wonder if they sell it here
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This looks awesome! Thanks for telling us about it.
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I'll look for it!
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Definitely on my "to buy" list!
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