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Sphynx Kitten Pics! 6 wks old!!

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My goodness how precious is he!! Those ears are just adorable!
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Oh he's gorgeous! Good luck with finding him a purrfect home!
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Omg that is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee especially in the last pic!! wow

is it weird to have those kind of cats from their fur?? I have never seen one in reality but i would really like to!
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Absowutly adowable!!!
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Oh my goodness... I've never seen such a cute homely cat... Homely in a good way... I swear. That is just the CUTEST... I want one, I want one. I love those huge ears, and that nose. Those eyes
Those wrinkles Those ears What an adorable cat. PLEASE post more pics. PLEASE...
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Ohhhhhh!! He's adorable!!! I've never been attracted to a hairless cat before but he is ADORABLE!!!! Awww. I love his huge ears!
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They are 70% ears 30% body!! Too cute!!!
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Aw look how cute he is! He's getting so big!
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What a cutie he is.
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Awwwww... he is really cute!
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So cute , love one
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Thank you all. Hes won the hearts of all our company and my grandma spent all day thursday with him. She wanted to cuddle with him all day. We are going to give her one of the kittens from our calico's litter this summer. She recently had to put her cat down and said shed never have another but after meeting our 3 sphynx and the kitten said shed love one of Phoenix's kittens. We are going to call her when she can come and see the kittens and let her pick out one. I can hardly wait! These cats have brought us so much joy and happiness that I want to share it with her!
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Hey, Rachel had one of these on one episode of Friends (Season 8). This guy is waaaaay cuter! The last picture is absolutely adorable.
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OMG!!!! that is the cutest kitty i love the first pic with his big ears. good luck with your baby!!
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What an adorable little cutie he is.
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One of the cutest kittens I've ever seen!
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he is so adorable
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Awww, too much cuteness!!!
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How adorable!!
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Cute Kitten, But Way Too Much Fur For A Sphynx For My Liking. Looks More Devon Rex Than Sphynx. Aren't You The Breeder Who Tryed To Sell A Sphynx Kitten On E-bay?
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