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OMG, so many cute shoes! I unfortunately can't do heels either. Teaching (aka running around after) 50 kindergarteners everyday does not really lend itself well to heels. And its so hard to find super cute flats. I do however kinda like these:

beryl's not so cute practical shoes

I will just sit here dreaming of the day when I too can wear cute shoes to work.
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Starting with last Christmas, I have been buying pretty shoes, for the twins. Last Christmas, they got red Mary Janes, for their birthday, flowered sandals and this Christmas, cowboy boots. Sam, my DIL, is a wonderful girl and I love her dearly but, her tastes run to Doc Martens and Birkenstocks (the ugliest shoes ever made). SOMEBODY has to teach my granddaughters about pretty shoes. Its a family tradition, handed down from Granny to Mom to me. We Barfield-Dawson-Thomas women LOVE pretty shoes!
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*sigh* i have such a weakness for shoes, and Cindy...i blame you, yes i blame you for bringing out the shoe devil in me. (j/k)

Now i'm out $50 but hey, at least i know i'll be looking pretty hot in these! 4" heels baby!

Oh yes, i caved in and ordered them. Not from Steve Madden online, but some other site that i found for $20 less and free shipping. Not too shabby

If only they have the gold destiny in my size...these are mad hot!

Have you received yours yet? It says on the site to size down because they run large, how do they fit? i usually wear a 5.5, if i have to size down, that means i need a 5. i don't think Steve Madden even makes shoes in size 5's
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I wear an 8 and they weren't available in 7.5. I have Steve Madden shoes, in both sizes (Hit last year's half-price/buy one get one free sale) and they both fit fine. If these run a bit large, I'll put insoles in them.

BTW: my new book was delivered today. It is entitled Bootism: A Shoe Religion, by Michael Duranko and Penina Goodman. At last! A religion that I can REALLY identify with!
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