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Anyone with Experience with ECT

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I know there are a lot of people here with depression and bipolar histories. I'm bipolar, and have been on more meds than I have pairs of underwear..LOL. They work for a while and then stop. Not doing that great right now. When I was in the hospital in May 2004, the docs were considering ECT (Electro-Shock Treatments). I did not want them. Now I am reconsidering. Is there anyone here with personal or friend/family experience. I would like to know how you did with them, did they help long term, was your memory effected. I do have lots of support...friends and family so please no sympathy...just some ideas on the subject. Thanks in advance. Those who wish to PM me with advice/experience may certainly do so.
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I have 3 of my 6 children that are Bi-Polar. I only have experience with medications and all three of my kids have gone off their meds. Let me/us know if this helps you. I may consider it as a last resort for them.
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I can't help you much but I did find this website that you might want to take a peek at
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i will do some research of that.
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I'm Bipolar and I will never do ECT. The reason it works is that your brain is too busy recuperating from being electrocuted to be depressed or manic. However, if you decide to try it make sure that whoever does it would be willing to undergo the treatment themselves first. That's always a good sign of someone who knows what they're doing.
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Barbara my mother in law who suffers with her nerves and depression had that treatment years ago. I hadn't met my husband when all of it was going on so it's just what i was told.

From what i've been told she was really ill and spent a lot of time in hospital where they used ECT as a last resort and there was a big improvement because my husband said before the treatment she was like a zombie!.

Looking at her now it's hard to believe she was that ill before it, but she does still have to take medication to keep her nerves and depression under control.

Whatever you decide i pray it works for you Keep us updated!
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Thank You ALL! I've checked out quite a few websites, including the one Ashley mentioned. Just starting to feel desparate without much hope that I can ever recover. Have to do more research, in the meantime anyone with a story to tell, positive or negative will be most welcome!
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