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Starting over

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Well most of you know about my old job that lasted 3 days. I have been thinking of going to school and try to get the funds to pay for it, but I just can't until I am a resident here which takes a year or else I pay quadruple the normal fee (over $150 an hour at a community college!). So I have been applying to other jobs online, as secretaries or receptionists, and tonight I found a job working at Wachovia, a bank here, as a bank teller. I took a quick questionaire online which approved me to make an appointment for an assesment session at the bank itself. Which takes 3 hours and you have to dress in business attire (thankfully I just bought some so I could start job hunting!) and I have an appointment on the 4th to go do this. So hopefully I can get the job, and I hope they have stools. I know some of the other banks have chairs, and I could always explain why I need one. In the assesments they can give tests, which I am going to need vibes for because I freeze up when being confronted or asked questions from people higher then me.

I hope I can get the job, I need experience and income.

I will ask for vibes when it gets a bit closer!
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That's great news - and of course you've got proof that you can do this interview thing now!! After all, didn't you get the last job you went for? Let us know when to send vibes and they'll be there with you.
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is sending you all the good vibes
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Good job getting an appointment! I know you will fly through it with no problem. Have a freind quiz you with questions like "Why do you want to work here." I always freeze on those type questions and It helps if you have an answer ready before you go in.
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Say, it can help a lot to file as resident, if you get a voter registration there, and well, I am also assuming you are getting a license in VA, and the job (income coming from within the state)... just thoughts.
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...Sending ALL positive strong thoughts your way--to help you keep your strength and resolve right up, where you need it to be!!
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Sending vibes now your way.

You'll be just fine, and there will be stools.

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Wishing you all the best, and that it be a great job you'll enjoy
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Wishing you the best as well Meagan. Alot of early vibes coming over, and when the time comes you will get a tonne more.
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Good for you! As mentioned above, I would really recommend practising with tha friend. And do look online - there are a number of sites that will give you interview tips. Do a google search on 'interview technique'. I used to teach interviewing and being interviewed, and it is all about pretending you have confidence, appearing sincere and body language. If you walk in looking good and making eye contact, you are half way there.
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I am also sending loads of vibes your way already Meagan - I bet you will go just fine!!!

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