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The rest of the house - with furniture!

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I finally found the pic of the bedroom before the cat tree:

And here's a pic of the bedroom, after the cat tree (a gift from our vet's office):

(We moved into a house for the first time (in August) after having lived on the road in an RV for 10 years. We'd been stationary in the area because of 9/11 and our jobs in the brokerage business - and, of course, the feral cat colony and cat rescue we'd gotten so involved in! Decided to go for it and actually settle down! )
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...and pics of the living room with furniture, lol! All of these pics were taken Dec 21.

Looking towards the entrance to the kitchen:

Looking at the bookshelves on the side wall - we are still waiting for a curio ordered back in September, so a number of the things on these shelves will move when it arrives:

The cats' favorite cat tree downstairs:

The cat trees at the other window (fireplace side of the living room):

The rocking chair solution - Ming Loy doesn't launch into the rockers, and no one's tail will ever get caught! These are smooshy pillows, so you can still rock with them in place!

Fireplace and mantel:

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The den upstairs (where we work most of the time):

...and the "designer bathroom," courtesy of Gary's mom. Thanks BJ! (It's really hard to take pictures of because it's small and has this thin short entrance). I sat down and took a pic of the whole thing (I am NOT going to the bathroom!!!!!) Everything matches so nicely, and there's a matching rug too. She can't STAND the rest of the house, but the bathroom made her happy.

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One last pic.... the entire ladder bookshelf against the back wall:

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You home looks really cozy and comfortable. I love your Tiffany Lamp.
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I love them too! The Tiffany lamp is not really a Tiffany - but it's a really good copy. I forgot the name of the manufacturer. We have a matching table lamp and a matching floor lamp upstairs in the den. They were a gift from my parents.
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The empty living room:

The empty bedroom: all looked so much bigger without the furniture, LOL!
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Very cool house! I have to laugh when I see the cat supplies in every room but the bathroom! Why not the bathroom?!?!? Perhaps just a cat bowl or 2 on the counter? LOL (I too have cat condos in every room except the bathrooms.) I just don't know how you did it for all those years in the RV!!!

Have you ever seen the house with all the cat runs built into the house? Staircases or ramps leading up to overhead walkways, with holes in the walls between rooms to connect them? That would be way cool in your house!
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Wow Laurie! Your place looks so inviting! Can I come for a visit? I LOVE your bedroom, that quilt is gorgeous. And it looks like you guys have almost caught up with the amount of your furniture vs. kitty furniture!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Wow Laurie! ... looks like you guys have almost caught up with the amount of your furniture vs. kitty furniture!
We're working on it! It looks a little more crowded in the pics than it really is, but looking at these pics I can't help thinking - we must like the "crowded" feel - got used to it after living in the RV for so long!

And Amy, I LOVE the overhead walkways and stairs and ramps - they are SO cool! We have so many sites bookmarked! When we win the lottery, we'll go for it!

Oh - wanted to include (I know, I know, too many pics!) a pic of the back wall of the kitchen - found GREAT material for curtains!

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...and Heidi, of course you can come for a visit! Hopefully FAN will be having a board meeting out here!

Oh - a better pic of the Tiffany lamp:

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Although the quilt on the bed in the bedroom (in the pic where the bedroom is dressed for showing off to company, lol!) was purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond, you'll notice we have lots of wall-hanging quilts hanging around the house - courtesy of my mom who is VERY talented!
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how can she hate it!!
Your house looks so cosey!! i love the way your bedroom has those windows
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Lovely! I wish my DH would let me have a cat tree!
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Very nice, you have a gorgeous house! Love the cat trees, too!
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Aw I just love looking at these pics! I love your book shelf!
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Great pictures of the furniture and the rooms!
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Great pics. Your home looks very warm and welcoming! Is there a sign outside that says all stray cats welcome here?
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I give your drapes 6 months tops!

Beautful home Laurie, congrats to you and Gary for giving up the nomad way of life-
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When can I move in? Seriously, that looks like a house I'd feel right at home in.
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Ahhhh.... the drapes, lol! They already have so many pulls and things in them... we're just happy the cats let us live with them!
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where did you get the Cat furniture in the second pic, the big one? I saw it at my local feed store, and was wondering is it stable? thank you cat.
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