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Nighttime Nightmare HELP !!!

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Hi, Hopefully someone can help me with this one? I've taken in a adult MALE cat that was apparently tossed out on my farm. This is the 1st male cat, dog, horse etc. that I have ever owned. ( Not sure why ) Anyway here's one of the problems that I am having. The cat is extremely mellow. Even though I've tried all sorts of different things to get him to be playful and active NO luck. BUT as soon as I turn off the lights and hit the bed the nightmare begins. He starts SCREAMING for me and I do mean Sreaming, like a was a female mate. He doesn't do this to any other family member just me. He won't leave me alone not even for a second. When my husband finally can't take it anymore and I put him (the cat that is ) in the pet crate things finally get quiet BUT then we have a different problem. Within 10 minutes he urinates or sprays so much that he fills the whole house up with that that most awful scent. I didn't know a cat was capable of holding all that fluid. To boot within the last 3 days he started acting extremely aggressive with me. (This sounds really strange) but he jumps up on my chair makes weird sounds acts as though he wants attention but when I go to pet him he trys to mount and bite at my hand just like I've seen the males do while mating. SORRY this got so long. PLEASE HELP !!! Diane
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Welcome to the site Diane!

My first question is if the cat has been neutered? If he hasn't been, this could take care of many of your issues.
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Heidi's got the solution! It sounds very much like your kitty hasn't been neutered yet. Having him neutered will really change his behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not to mention affect his long term health in many positive ways, prevent him from busting out when he smells a female in heat - and thus contributing to the terrible homeless cat overpopulation problem). If you need a low-cost neuter, please click on the link in my signature line to help you find something in your area! If you can't find anything, you can call SpayUSA (www.spayusa.org) to see if they can help negotiate with a local vet. They can be reached at 1-800-248-SPAY between (9:30 and 4:00 EST).

Thanks for rescuing this kitty!
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No I don't believe he is. Sorry for my ignorance but if he were does that mean he would have no testicles ? Not sure what the procedure entails, just the nipping of tubes or you no. As I stated this is my 1st male animal owned.
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You would see his sacks in back if he is still intact. Yes, I agree that neutering will help with the spraying and any aggresive behavior.

You don't know what kind of life he had before he was so abruptly dumped on you! He may have been abused at night and is fearful of the dark. As a cat he is nocturnal so will be more active at night.

Keep playing with him during the day, even if he isn't responding entirely. If he has had a nocturnal lifestyle, you can work on getting him used to daytime routines. Cat like routines and stick to them for a while after they are used to them. It sounds like he needs to be neutered, and a bit of patience before he turns around for you.

Good luck and please keep us posted!
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Getting him fixed will help with many of your problems. Has he been to the vet for shots? Has he been dewormed? Did you have him checked for any illnesses? A thorough vet exam may solve any other problems as well.
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It's a gorgeous Himalayan so I didn't want to do anything to him or with him until after sufficent time has passed to see if anyone answers my ads or flyers that I placed in local mailboxes and vets offices. Though we live very rural and have few neighbors you never know.
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