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So cute!!!!!
Not photoshoped either
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Too much cat nip!!
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LOL, that is a long tongue!! Love that pic!

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That pic is so funny!!!
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Flowerbelle has a habit of having just the tip of her tongue sticking out - while sleeping, walking around - just looking up - it's the cutest thing! (But you just can't beat that pic of R/T Kitty! )

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That is definitely Caption This! material there! How adorable.
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lol! too cute!
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Originally Posted by berylayn
That is definitely Caption This! material there! How adorable.
Ain't that the truth!!
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LOL cute kitty tongue!
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Awwwwwww What a lovely pics of your kitties, Here´s my contribution to this Thread:
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Awww! Cute pic of Milky, Rigel!
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Ok, so not a cat, but my dog Dancer is always stickin her tongue out...
here's one where she looks like she is diggin for gold in there...

And being saucy...

And being saucy again....lol

And Church, licking at her new collar, she doesn't like it much, but it is soft suede so she likes to lick it. LOL
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