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Opinion needed: IE or Mozilla?

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My ISP is AOL. I'm currently using McAfee's firewall, I have Microsoft's XP home version, with the SP 2 update. Right now, I'm not experiencing any difficulties. I was thinking about switching to Mozilla's Firefox 1.0 browser, but our computer teacher says it's not necessary if SP 2 is working properly, and that Firefox may not be entirely compatible with AOL 9.0.. Does anbody here, who has the same combination I have, use Firefox 1.0? Is it working properly?
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I use Mozilla , used IE , mozilla better faster and safter
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We use IE and have AOL occationally we get a bug that is found and removed.
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I have used both, Firefox is faster, but only one problem - at the time not all plug-ins were comaptible with Firefox - so I've switched back for now.

Your teacher is correct though, XP SP2 is much more secure than any previous version... in my opionion it is because of the built in pop-up blocker and improved cookie control.
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I use Explorer. Probably one of the last webmasters to do so though I do have Firefox and use it occasionally, but too many sites are still optimized for Explorer, so browsing with anything else is a bit too frustrating for me.
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i defintly like firefox better......IE killed my computer
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I use Mozilla. Yes, I do occasionally have to go back to IE for the plugins, but then I go right back to Mozilla. There are a lot less pop ups, whereas you can't get into most sites if you set your cookie level too high on IE.
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I use Firefox. Occasionally I use IE for a certain site, but usually things work well with Firefox. I don't have AOL, however. Becky
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I use Mozilla Firefox, definitly no going back to Internet Explorer for me! It's so much faster, safe and none of those awful pop ups. Yup, I'm a huge Mozilla fan - and if speed and security isn't enough to change your mind there's always the added bonus of tabs. They make web browsing a breeze!

[Geez Mozilla spokes person in the making! ]
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