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Any plans for New Year's Eve?

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Is New Year's Eve a big deal for you? Do you normally go out or stay up. I have never really seen the purpose behind the celebration. Many people I know use it as an excuse to get drunk. It isn't even the start of the "new year" for all cultures. I plan on being a sleep come midnight.
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I think it's the beginning of the year spiritually and mentally and about celebrating the memories of 2004 and the hope of 2005. But mostly I use it as an excuse to get drunk woo hoo!!

And I have no decisive plans yet but I'm sure we'll be plastered whatever we do!
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Nope, none at all! Eric has to work what will undoubtedly be an all-night-event in downtown Seattle, so I get to be home and read with Sasha by the fire. That's heaven for me! I'm such a lightweight.
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We normally go over to a friends house, one of them typically has a get together. They usually drink but, like Elizabeth, I am such a lightweight that I can only handle 2 or 3 drinks and I am ready for bed So by midnight I have had my 2 or 3 drinks and am begging my bf to take me home. I don't really feel it's that important to party the new year in, but I do get the feeling that it's a fresh start and an opportunity to make the coming year better than the one before it. Even if it's just for the one day
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We have friends coming over t game. It is an excuse to get together and stay up really late and game our brains out.
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For the past two years we have gone to the outdoor festivities at Niagara Falls where my husband's sister was co-host for the live show with bands, etc. It was pretty cool, getting backstage passes and having a trailer to hang out in with food, hot drinks, etc.

She quit her TV anchor job in October so we won't be doing that this year. But she and her hubby are coming to our house and we'll just hang out, eat lots, drink a little (none of us are drinkers) and maybe watch some good comedy flicks.

We just watched the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (both) and they are hilarious.
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I find the best New Years Celebrations are those spent with close friends and family, in a home setting rather than a bar setting. I have to work new years eve AGAIN, MSN always makes me work 4-12, same thing happened last year ! I'll have to celebrate at work, treat myself to chinese food!
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Well...since I live above a bar, that's where I'll be going.
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
Well...since I live above a bar, that's where I'll be going.
Think you'll be able to get home alright?
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I used to live above a bar too! haha what a coincidence
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Very convenient I must say lol
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Think you'll be able to get home alright?
Hope so. I haven't fallen up the steps yet!
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Originally Posted by JaneMary
Very convenient I must say lol
Absolutely. Sometimes it's a little noisy though
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Hahahah agreed.
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We're pretty tame as far as NYE is concerned. We do observe the arrival of the New Year, but not with a lot of revelry. In 20-odd years as a couple, I think there have been two parties, the rowdier of them being half a dozen couples playing Trivial Pursuit and getting quietly plotzed on eggnog.

Our preferred NYE entertainment is just the two of us, or maybe one other close couple, a really nice dinner, quite late. Dessert should be happening somewhere around 11, so that the last of the dinner table debris can be hidden in the kitchen, and the champagne popped just in time for midnight. A glass each, a quiet toast, some reflection, off to bed by no later than 1. Eggs Benny and Mimosas for brunch on New years Day. That's it.

The boy has requested a veal dish that's kind of a house specialty -- as a matter of fact, the very dish that I did for our first NYE
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I used to go to friends', it was our tradition, just a quiet dinner and then a bottle of champagne opened at midnight. They moved away, I have spent NYE alone in the years since. But this year, I am going with my sister's family to a Tragically Hip concert. My 16 year old niece is a big fan, her birthday was Dec.23rd, so I bought tickets for us all as her birthday gift. She's pretty excited, and I am sure we will all have a great time.
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hmm... Last year I went for NYE.... I went to church and then to an all-night skating party at the local rink. I will probably do it again. im not sure though.
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Robert has early shift (6 a.m to 2 p.m.) Friday and Saturday, so Jamie and I will be on our own. I was invited to a New Year's Eve party by somebody who knows he has to work, but don't want to leave Jamie on his own to deal with the fireworks, since his Daddy will probably be sleeping. Our neighbors have plans, so I've offered to take their dog, a senile 11-year-old Greyhound, and Jamie's best buddy. I've saved up two films on DVD, so I'll watch them and comfort the animals, and probably log in here. Due to TCS's world-wide appeal and membership, there'll definitely be people online New Year's Eve. The best-laid plans of mice and men - I know if I plan a quiet evening, I'll end up with about 20 people here. Our nephew is already "threatening" to descend with a few of his friends, since they're all about 17 and risking parental censure about partying. I figure no drugs, and if they want to drink alcohol, they 'll have to surrender their car keys beforehand, and agree to being locked in until at least noon on January 1st. I guess I'll be cooking a big New Year's breakfast!
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I am going out with a group of friends, to hear a band we all like. It's a dress-up kinda thing, which will be fun because normally we see this band in bars. Got me a schmancy little party dress & shoes I will not be able to walk in, so I'm ready.

I haven't gone out for NYE in years (since 2000) simply because I never had a sitter or a real reason to celebrate. Well this year, I have both, so I'm going to party! Not party too hard though, I'm currently suffering from a rather nasty bronchial infection and with all the meds I'm on, I'm already floating, so after my first drink I'll probably fall asleep on my date's shoes while we're boogying.

I think after the band to-do, we're heading out to another party, which runs til around 4am 'or so'. I'm going to live it up because I am SICK of being INDOORS!!!
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Just an evening at a friend's house. Eric is an HVAC technician and he drew NYE of the holiday weekends to be on call (in case someone's heater goes out, they call the company and he gets a page). But it's not supposed to be too terribly cold, so we may start the evening outside by the fire pit at their place, then move indoors to the DVD player later on. Should be fun, though.
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We had planned to go to this party thing for NYE But i am not keen on going
I want to spend nye at home with my cat and my mum and bunny of course to hope for the best. When i lived in australia i always celebrated and partied but since i moved to germany it has been quiet
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As last year, Mom and I and various members of the Lapidary Society will be at FIRST NIGHT a family oriented celebration of the arts. We will have demonstrations of some jewelry making techniques and have a couple of simple crafts for the kids. they can either make a pendant or critter from a tumbled stone. We had a great time last year and several members are looking forward to doing it again.

Saturday we are heading to my niece's to have the big Christmas get together with sis and everybody!
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I am going to stay home, turn on all my lava lamps, light candles, and maybe have a few drinks.
We have been invited to a party, but it is outdoors, and I am just not up for freezing this week. We spent half of Christmas Eve outdoors, huddled around a smoky little stove. I have had my fill of freezing for awhile.
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Originally Posted by adymarie
Is New Year's Eve a big deal for you? Do you normally go out or stay up. I have never really seen the purpose behind the celebration. Many people I know use it as an excuse to get drunk. It isn't even the start of the "new year" for all cultures. I plan on being a sleep come midnight.
I may stay up and watch TV but probably I too will be asleep. I USED to go dancing but have not been out since my ex and I seperated. THEN I used to take my Big Wonderful Poodle and go around the neighborhood and watch people do fireworks (yes they do them on New Years eve too!). Noises did not bother him! NOTHING DID! Since he has not been with me - a year now - all I will do is stay in and make sure my kitties stay IN and calm.
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I will go to my friend Shannon's house for a while. He rhusband is working that night.
I'll be home by midnight to welcome in 2005 with my kitties.
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YEP!!! I've got BIG plans.... CATCH UP ON MY SLEEP!!!!!!!

(our town is Veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrry quiet!!!!!!! )
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I'm making another fancy pants dinner for husband and I. We're starting off with a smoked salmon and radish crepe, a lobster, avocado and arugula salad, salmon with white wine sauce, wild rice with dried apricots, asparagus with holindaise sauce and then a coffee liquor mousse. Mmmmmm.

I also have a tiny bottle of champaigne to bring in the new year with. THen I'm going to go to bed.
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We'll be hitting our local pub, then going to see the new year in at a friends house whos having a party
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Um this new years eve I'll be at home with my babies - I think Mums going out. I have no plans to stay up till midnight. I was supposed to be going to the beach with my boyfriend and best friend - but boyfriend is on holiday and best friend is otherwise busy. At least I can always count on the furries!
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This year is the first time I am doing anything big scince the big Millenium NYE. On Friday, I'm flying to Las Vegas and spending the weekend there (my boys will be with gramma) and comming back on Sunday. My son's father lives there and has invited me there for the big event, AND bought my ticket there too. I bought a new outfit, got my nails done, & eyebrows done too. They look fabulous. I figure.. I never get time away from motherhood, I never get to go out (EVER), and I never get to dress up. I'm gonna have a ball!!!

Also.. I havent flown scince 1998..WAAAY before this whole security check point and pat down stuff... it should be interesting . LOL
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