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Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

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Did you get what you wanted during the holidays. I wasn't really looking for presents, I was just looking forward to spending time with family. I did get to do that, but not as much as I had hoped for.

For some reason people bought me things that I am going to have to craft (beading and etching). I don't know when they think I am going to have time. Maybe they think when the baby is born and I am off on mat leave. I don't know about the beading with Merlin - he has to help with everything.

I bought myself the 1 thing I really wanted (a glider rocker) at an after Christmas sale. The cats think I bought it for them.

My fav present was from my nieces. They had a professional portrait done. They were both wearing white dresses, with the older of the 2 (she is 2 and a 1/2 and the little one is 1) wearing a flower wreath in her hair. The studio then airbrushed in angel wings and a swing. They actually looked angelic for a change!

Did you get anything you hated? I liked everything I got.
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I'm not really a present person.. i enjoy christmas but more the sights and sounds. Anything I really need I have and I don't really want for much (besides a house which st nick did NOT provide hehe). I got some jewerly from bf's female relatives, a 3 kt diamond tennis bracelet from bf.. but that was for our anniversary 2 days b4 xmas, a guitar from bf (I don't play but I guess I will now), and various other stuff. Mom got me a wacom USB tablet for my computer, brother got me a new hard drive and a dvd, relatives mostly gave money/gift cards.. The best gift I think was the dance pad for the ps2 along w/dance dance revolution from bf which enables me to dance like a hoochie and exercise while still remaing entertaining, it's so fun

I have to admit though that I wish I got a new hand bag, preferrably a coach monogram or something because I would never buy one for myself yet they have to be one of my favorite material things in the world... But I don't feel bad or anything and I am grateful I got anything at all
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I really like the giving more than the getting. I gave every cat and dog a present this year - either treats, toys or beds. Been married and a homeowner long enough that I have collected just too much stuff over the years and don't need anything more. My family has gotten wise and sends me interesting food items (flavored popcorn, bread fixings, dip seasonings) or gift certificates. Hubby bought me a new sewing machine early (I made Xmas presents with it this year) and replacement pots & pans (my 25 year old set is warped and has seen better days). I'm happy with all received this year and happier yet with all the reports coming from my family on how much their pets like their presents. Mother-in-law loved her silk scarves I made and the entire family oo'd and ah'd over them.
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I got a sewing machine as well. Now if I could just figure out how to use the damn thing!!!!
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Yes definitly! Got to catch up with family!
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I bought myself a Playstation 2 and a bunch of games, so thats pretty good. I was hoping for some funds to fix my car, but it didn't turn out that way. Oh well theres always my birthday.

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I made out really well this Christmas. I got the electric blanket that I've been wanting, I have to be almost to the point of being hot in order to sleep anymore. And I got my Nintendo DS and some various video games for it and the rest of the system, plus a couple of movies so I'm set for entertainment for the next few months.
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I got kittens.

I got to spend time with friends, eating and watching movies.

I gave myself a vacation.

I'm not into presents.
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I was totally spoiled this year!
I got the 3-stone diamond ring I showed earlier in the month. I got 2 sweaters, jeans, slippers, a crystal dish, a gold necklace with a tiny diamond, an angel statue, a fluffy quilt, pillows, 2 pr. of cute sweat type pants, JLo perfume, a quilt cabinet, a nice phone for the kitchen, a gift card for Steinmart, a pair of earrings, a set of painted wine goblets, a warm throw, and I'm sure I forgot something.
So Yes, I guess I did get everything I wanted, and so did everyone else around here.
Now all I am waiting on is this Sunday.
I think I am finally gonna get to see my Grandson! AND she is bringing him HERE!!! She has not brought him here in 2 years. I usually have to go there and sit there with him while everyone is around. It's very uncomfortable.
But the plan is she will drop him off to spend some time with me Sunday as long as my son (his Dad) is not home. That's a long story. They DO NOT get along, not even for Noah. She claims she is doing the right thing, but I think she is only hurting him, but if I don't follow her rules she said I will not see him again. She is quite a ___________! (fill in the blank)
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I got to see more family than I planned - which was great, but not as much as I would have liked. They live so far away. My brother and boyfriend got along like they were best friends. I loved that!

It made so happy to see loved ones faces (especially my boyfriend) as they were opening gifts.

As far as material things, I got the Carlie Simon CD that I wanted for years, a large crock pot, and Correlle in the pattern I wanted (from my list - hehee). I got some way cool soup mixes (vegetarian - I love when people remember), the softest socks on Earth, a Stones CD, and a beautiful blanket that my Mom made with kitties on it.
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this year i technically didnt have christmas.
I got up at 2:30 pm, and worked on the car with bf
then later i went to the hospital and i had mc donalds for dinner.
My bf isnt into christmas because his parents treated him badly so he has forgotten the spirits, i wanted to make a tradition but i was hurt that my mum wasnt home and my dad well.. he couldnt care less since his mother died.
This is the second xmas that my dad hasnt given me anything.
My mother gave me 100 euros which i bought a decent desk for the new house and spent the other 50 on food
and my bf hasnt got money unitll next week.

Sarah did make my xmas by giving me a box full of pressies Teufel got a mouse from her and those ball bell things which are very noisy!! and some treaties, she even gave my rabbit some pistacchio nuts!
I got some candles, a notebook, photo frames, candle holders, a cappucino glass mug, and chocolate buttons i think she sent me some other things but i had to wrap up everything again to put it in the box to move.

So that was my xmas, Maybe next year it will be better
I never spent it with my relatives as they always lived so far away but i often wonder what it would be like to have xmas with family, Everyone on here makes it sound so exciting and lovely.

My dad wasnt grateful for the present i gave him.
My bf was, and so was my mum and kitty.
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All I really wanted was a pair of slippers. And I got them. I would have liked to have been surprised by my other half - and I was. He hadn't bothered
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
All I really wanted was a pair of slippers. And I got them. I would have liked to have been surprised by my other half - and I was. He hadn't bothered
I used to ask my ex what he wanted to spend, take it out of household money, buy what I wanted, wrap it up, and put it under the tree. Either that or I would "remind" (translation - nag) him for 2 weeks until he said he got me something. I figured it was a LOT better that him feeling guilty on Christmas Day!
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Jerry and I bought ourselves a refridgerator!
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Hubby and I are really bad - we get each other token presents, and then buy what we really want during the after-Christmas sales. I'm looking forward to the delivery of my high-backed, "armed" leather desk chair, and took delivery of a DVD I've been looking forward to today - tomorrow evening, instead of feeling sorry for myself because hubby has to work and Jamie needs somebody home to help him withstand the fireworks, I'll be watching "Infernal Affairs", starring two of my favorite Hong Kong actors (Tony Leung and Andy Lau). Actually, I'll probably have company, as my German nephew and niece are thinking about spending New Year's Eve here. "Thinking about" usually means "Here we come!" with those two. Nephew Erik just had a fight with his girlfriend, and niece Dani is just 11, and finds overnight stays exciting, so at least one of them will be here. The guest beds are ready, I've got plenty of snacks, and the makings for everybody's favorite dinner - lasagna - so things are under control.
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I should have added the one christmas present I wanted REALLY bad was a wall clock for my room and yup I got it! yay!
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I received such great things - mostly that I didn't expect at all - which was a lovely surprise! The kitties received the most present though! A tent, father toys, fur mice, treats, meals, CatNip Tea bags! (these are great and I have never seen them before!!) plus everything else you can think of!!

I got my hammer drill driver!! (and have been putting pictures up for my Mum!!) I also got a toolbox for all my other things!!

I got some great things from my best friend, a bargain t-shirt i've been after for ages (but they had always sold out!!) an umberella that you decorate yourself and the book 'Random Acts of Kindness' (as Sarah said that I had done most of the things! ) I got all sorts of other lovely things too - little things that mean so much!

I really was so much more excited for everyone else to open their gifts though! I even gave Mum and Dad their stereo before Christmas Eve!! I think everyone else liked their gifts!

I had such a great gift from Fran! (thank you! ) a jigsaw, lots of yummy chocolates! A festive pencil, a keyring, a Christmas Decoration (that will take pride of place on my tree!), a kitty wand with a mouse, treats for the cats, a postcard and some recipies that I will try when I get back home!! A brilliant surprise for Christmas!
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An umbrella that you decorate yourself. That sounds cool!
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No, I wanted the new Febreze scent player and a diamond I have reset into something I can wear, but I got a freezer instead.
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