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Update on kittens with Distemper

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Is been 2 long days ( for me and babies at least) But there recovering
One of them was playing yesterday and hes belly looks like a big ball, He never stop eating..Other kittens is the one I though I lost but he started to eat last nigh ...There eyes are also clearing..both are opne and green stuff is slowly dissapearing.
I keep giving medication, milk, water and lots of love to both of them but specially to the really sick one..he hasn't gain weight yet I hope he eats a litle more today, he is also walking better.The only problem is..there so small, like 5 weeks someone told me...and they use the litter box..but they don't know how to clean there rear end after there done..and pook kittens I have to come to the rescue..because there a mess after awhile..any suggetions?
We have many different pets at home but this are my first kittens and I have no idea what am I doing.By the way Princess had her shots and she hasn't been affected by this.
I can't wait till the end.
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The only thing I can add here is that from what I understand, milk is not good for cats. It is a myth.

Perhaps someone else on this board will correct me if needed.

Glad your kitties are healing
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I think VJOY is right. Most cats are supposed to be lactose intolerant. I do know that there is a kitty formula called KMR I think, and I know I've seen it at places like Petco and Walmart. You may want to try that instead of cows milk. I believe the KMR is supposed to be especially for kittens who don't have a mother to nurse from. Anyone correct me if I am wrong though, I am certainly no expert.
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As it is the other stuff that is added to the milk that is supposed to be good for "us" turns out to be not so good to cats. Some cats don't do well on it at all and it can cause digestive upset. KMR is the best bet for small kittens, other than that baby food the chicken or turkey is good to whet appetites
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I'm sorry I didn't explain myself..when I say cat mik I didn't mean to say cow's milk..this is Whiskas CatMilk and is 98% Lactose reduced...also today the kittens who was very sick ( we name it Honey) is eating very well so I expect a full recovery
Any ideas as into how to clean them or teach them to do so ..or should I just wait till they grow a little bit more?
Thank you all..this really helps me
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