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(sad) Poor squirrel!

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A baby squirrel was blown out of his nest and landed on a friend's roof. My boyfriend and the friend put up a board as a ramp connecting the roof to the tree where the nest was. The mommy squirrel was chattering at her baby. The baby started to climb the ramp...he got 1/2 way up. His mommy was waiting for him...Swoop! Here came a hawk and wisked the little squirrel away!

Yesterday we saw the hawk with a dove in his mouth. The cats in the neighborhood were getting a bad rap, but now we know it's not them!
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oh that's really sad. I know the Hawks have to live too, but...poor little squirrel.
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Aw, poor mommy squirrel. I often wonder what goes through the animal's head when they lose their baby. I know nature has it's own way, but even watching animal shows in Africa and such where the mother can't really stay around after losing a baby lest she lose her life too, it just makes me wonder if God was kind enough to grant them some immunity from the kind of grief we humans feel.
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I don't know if all animals grieve, but I have seen elephants cry and revisit bones. Apparently they feel something?
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Thats sad I know thats the way nature works but sometimes it's hard to not be saddened by it.
We all learned about baby squirrels here in Florida this past summer. When all the hurricanes went through there were tons of people finding them throughout the state and people were trying to learn how to take care of them so they could still had a chance.
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My poor boyfriend and his friend felt so bad. Here they were trying to help the baby squirrel, but they felt like they set him up.

I'm happy to say though, that they are animal lovers. They are landscapers and they are very careful. They refuse to trim trees wherever there is a nest. Can you believe that sometimes customers don't understand that?

Many times they find baby squirrels and put them in their shirt while they are working so they don't get hurt and then put them back. They even toss snakes out of trees if they are using a chainsaw.
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AWWWWWWWWW...poor wee babe! Poor Mom! I know it's all part of Mother Nature's plan, but it's still sad.
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I love squirrels!!
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Poor critter!
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Aw poor bubbie! I've seen my mumma cats grieve when they have lost kittens!
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