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Could use some good luck board magic for next Thursday! - Page 5

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Stay positive chick! You know were all here for you
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Hey Guys, Please today is the day! Stay tuned for Susie, please we need all kind of Good Vibes for her...

Susie We Miss you!!!!!!!
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I cant believe I missed this thread!! I sent Susie a get well card just a few minute ago.
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Susies online! Susies online!

How did it go chick?
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Hi guys.....can't stay long, cause I'm beat, but I made it through, due to my courage, your vibes and Jerry by my side. The doc told Jerry he found endometreosis, and a fibroid, all of which he removed. I left here at 12:50 and got home at 7:50. I go back to see Dr. Aronson next week sometime, so I'll be able to talk to him more then.....

I can't say it enough.....thanks for all the support, friendship, and love

I'm going to go take my perkoset and head off to dream land......I"l check in tomrrow......

Love ya all
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I don't know which either of those are but glad they have been removed. Have a good sleep and glad it went well!

Love ya!
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What a relief to hear everything went so well! You're so brave, Susie, Sierra and I are so proud of you!Please take your much needed percocet and rest well my friend! You will feel brand new tomorrow!
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Get some sleep Susie and come see us in the morning when You are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
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Yay, Susie!! Glad you're home safe! Get a good sleep. See ya tomorrow!
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Oh Susie, please, get well soon!!!
And let Jerry make the hard work!!!!! The Hubbie´s are a good Companions and Nurses, I´m sure Jerry should be a good Nurse!!!!
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Shhh, Susie's asleep... Nighty-night!
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I'm so glad it went ok Susie I hope you feel better really soon have a good sleep
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Susie, glad to hear everything went well. Good night!
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Glad everything went well Susie!!! Percocet is great but can be VERY constipating (gee aren't I the bearer of fun news?) Drink lots of fluids to prevent that...and maybe Jerry can pick you up some nice prunes. Sunsweet makes two flavors, that are great...Orange Essense and Lemon Essense....delish! Betta can't eat just one...but be careful!
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I'm so glad everything went so well! Rest well Susie! You'll feel better tomorrow
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Susie, so glad everything is safe and you're home! Kudos to your wonderful husband. Sleep well and here's to a speedy and solid recovery process. Take care of you and we're still thinking of you.
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Susie great to hear everything went well for you

At last it's now over chick!
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glad its all over susie
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So glad to see all went well, hope you had a great nights sleep!
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Susie, so glad to see this! Now that you are through this, hopefully you will be pain free (well, once you heal up...). Glad you're home and I hope you are resting comfortably in percoset dreamland.
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Good luck to you! HOpe you find out what is causing your pain and that is done with quickly.
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Good morning all. Just up for a bit to walk around. Have some pain in the belly area, but of course I would. A little wobbly on my feet, so the moving is slow. I slept ok for the most part. It was so hard cause kitties were outside our bedroom door trying so hard to get in. They might have to go in the basement tonight and I hate doing that, but it's hard to sleep with them on the other side of the door. I missed them so much. I want them with us like always, but Tigs and Petals are ALWAYS walking across my belly, and we can't have that for a while.
My throat is sore also, so I"m sipping on some juice. Jerry HAD to go to work today, so I"m nursing myself today I'm afraid............ He did leave me a beautiful get well card on the desk though for me to find when I woke up. Funny, he left it by the computer. Now how did he know I'd be stopping here today LOL
I have to admit, I was more brave yesterday through the whole thing than I thought I"d be. She got the IV in on the first attempt, and I even looked around the operating room as they wheeled me in. I figured I'd just shut my eyes and not look at all the machines. The last thing I remember in there is she was wiping some kind of cool gel type thing on my forhead she said to put some kind of thiny on to monitor something.........next thing I know I'm in recover and they're calling my name.........
Thanks again for all the PM's, card and well wishes here.
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You take it easy Susie!. It's all over with now

Awww i bet you miss the kitts as they'll miss you as well Don't worry we'll be your nurses on the site until Jerry comes home I mean, i've eventually mastered the art of posting pics so i'm ready to take on the world now!!
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Good morning Susie, I'm glad you are up and walking around a bit and had a decent night Poor Kitties they don't know what's going on
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Hey, Susie!! Welcome home! Glad you're up and around a bit and also able to get the rest you need. Hope you're mended enough soon, so that the fur people can come and look after you, but I DO understand about the marching around belly areas!! Don't we all! Take care! Rest well!
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I'm glad to hear that they could find and remedy the trouble. Take it easy for a couple of days (no lifting!).
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Thanks guys....that's right, no lifting and no belly walking for me.........LOL

It's VERY hard to get up ouf of bed..........pulls on your belly muscles!! OUCH!
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YAY Susie Im so glad you are home and safe...
Hurts to get out of bed?... well maybe the computer should be moved into your room, and Jerry could stay home to bring you dinner in bed, ect.... Hehe
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Susie, Jamie is always on top of me. One thing that I found strange, and touching, was that he was very careful after I got out of the hospital following my hysterectomy. Instead of bouncing around on my stomach, etc., he'd come and very carefully snuggle up to my tummy, and purr for hours on end, as if he were trying to comfort my body. I'm in a sling for a dislocated shoulder right now, and have been very uncomfortable. I spent most of the day in bed, and Jamie kept coming and snuggling up to my upper arm and shoulder, as if he knew that I was hurting. It's weird, but it seems as if he's offering himself as a heating pad. My husband came upstairs this afternoon to check on me, and remarked that Jamie was being extremely considerate - he was right next to my shoulder, and massaging my head with his paws. Cats are very intuitive.
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I'm glad to know you're OK, Susie Hope you're feeling better soon.

And you too, Tricia - I wondered where you'd been.

Cats can be a great comfort when you're sick or hurt - I saw a study a couple of years ago where scientists theorized that something in the frequency of a cat's purr might aid healing, and they were thinking that's why cats purr when they're hurt or ill. Perhaps the cat purrs will help you both get well.
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