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I am so mad!

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Okay, venting time...

I just heard that one of our neighbors has threatened to "make our dog disappear"!. We have an 8 month old dog and she's a very sweet and friendly thing, but being still a pup at heart she sometimes does things like digging holes and stealing things from the neighbors and bringing them here (to be destroyed in peace...). She doesn't do this a lot - it has happened several times since we have her but not constantly.

This is a rural area where people have no fences around their yards and lots of people have dogs. We get dogs in our yard as well and they sometimes do their share of damage. I think they're picking on our dog because she's the friendliest of all the dogs around here and comes over to the people whose yard she visits.

We are actually looking into solutions like an electronic dog fence (we can't afford to fence the whole yard properly and our in-laws don't want to have a fence either - it's their yard). I don't want to chain the dog as the neighbors want us to, as I feel it would be too cruel. We want to buy her an electronic fence, the kind that comes with a special collar that gives her an unpleasant (but unpainful) pulse whenever she tries to cross the fence. It is very expensive but I don't see any other alternative, as I certainly believe it's our responsibility to make sure she doesn't bother the neighbors.

What is so upsetting is that neighbor that threatens to either poison her or take her away and abandon her somewhere!!! I have been told by someone that one of the neighbors said that but they won't tell me who exactly that was. I asked them to take the message back that we are taking care of the problem and that should anything happen to the dog I will personally start a third world war on out street and I hope the message gets there. I am also going to talk to the neighbor who I think is the one who said it and explain the situation.

I am just so angry that someone can be so horrible as to take things out on a poor dog instead of coming over and talk to us! If it is the person I suspect that I'm doubly angry as he really brought it onto himself. He brought rabbits and chickens into his unfenced yard and made his yard the center attraction for all the neighborhood dogs. Of course, by now there are no rabbits or chickens left (all eaten by the dogs - not our dog!). But the dogs still like to visit his yard just in case they'll find another animal to hunt down... I mean, what does he expect? And he calls himself an animal lover too!

Sorry about this - had to vent or I'll explode and you're the only one I can talk to right now. Hubby's at work and unavailable and my in-laws keep telling me to be nice to the neighbors as they don't want no fights.
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I guess it makes no difference where you live that there is always at least one rotten neighbor. We have a guy next door who's dog barks as much as the next guys but he'll call animal control on every other dog in the neighborhood, but then claim his dog is perfectly quiet. If his dog jumps the fence to chase and attempt to eat a cat he stands at the fenceline and laughs. I didn't see it, but another neighbor told me his dog did that and had my cat's head in his mouth while this jerk just stood there. There were no marks on my cat, lucky for him, so I couldn't do much about it without actually seeing it.
I hope that this guy is all talk, but there is no reason for anyone to make such comments. I'm wondering if he threatens that to you if you could call the police and let them know what's going on. I hope everything works out.
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WOW, there are some real mean people out there. They should come talk to you before making such threats!! From what I have heard, the electric fences really work. I hope you guys can work things out. I am sure it would be a little different if you weren't on your in-lwas property.
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If it were my property I would just fence the whole place with a cat proof and dog proof fence whatever the cost!

Well, after I cried my eyes out the whole afternoon I sat down and looked for some electronic fences. We are going to spend over 300$ to have one delivered to us ASAP. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He didn't really want a dog in the first place and I know we don't have a lot of money right now, but he just asked me "do you think this is the right thing to do?" I said yes, and he said "then go ahead and order it". No fuss whatsoever... I found two websites that have the system that I'm looking for and I'm getting quotes and prices for S&H.

Thanks for letting me vent - I really needed it this time
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Those fences are very effective, and the shock to the dog is minimal but it gets the message across. Bravo to you for not chaining this pup, I hate to see dogs on chains it is really limiting to them and terribly unfair. Our front yard is fenced electronically and we also have trained Kenai to stay in the yard anyway, so it has never been an issue. But we sit right on a highway and I don't want her running out in the street and getting hit by a logging truck or something.

I am sorry you have nasty neighbors, they seem to come out of the woodwork during full moon cycles, we have two that we have to watch pretty carefully, one is across the highway and the other is right next door, but on the other side, we have the best neighbors in the world and there is nothing we wouldn't do for each other.

I am glad you were able to get ahold of the equipment fast enough and hope your dog does not fall into harms way until you get it installed. Good luck!
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Anne - I too hope that the fence is a good solution for you - we tried one for our Sheba - but the 'shock' did not phase her in any way. MOney down the drain for us......

That neighbor who is making these threats is not a nice person, and I know you will handle it tactfully. They make life so difficult.

Lots of kitty kisses to your hubby for being such a good doggy daddy!
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Hello Anne,
I am sorry to hear that you have to deal with cruel neighbors...I hope the other dogs that come on this neighbor's property are not harmed.

Your husband sounds like a sweetheart! I am glad your getting the fence!

Good Luck!

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Okay, now things are getting more complicated. We went to talk to that neighbor and it turns out it's not him! He says he doesn't mind our dog coming over to his place and he even called to her and petted her while we were there. He was very nice and said if he hears about anyone who doesn't like the dog he'd let us know. So, now we're going to pay visits to all our neighbors to find out. I know that our next door neighbors have complained about her barking but not about her getting there. We'll talk to them and see.

We're still looking into buying the system though. I think it would be best for the dog to stay close to home and not wander about. We don't have any traffic problem nearby, but all the same it would be safer.

Thank you everyone for your help and support! I'll let you know how things are going!
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My dad had the sweetest, but dumbest, wire-haired terrier. They installed an invisible fence because the dog liked to roam the neighborhood which required crossing a busy street. Unfortunately the poor dog just didn't get the concept of the zap being related to where he was in the yard. What happened is that he would get to where he would be zapped and would freeze and just stand there crying because he kept getting zapped....or he would get scared and keep running and then couldn't get back into the yard because of the zaps.

That is the only bad thing I've heard about the fences....I've known about 10 or so people who have had tremedous success with the fence. So, perhaps you should do a doggie IQ test first before installing the fence.
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I think you should install the electric fence, find out who this awful person is, and make HIM go through the fence at least 6,000 times a day.

I'm kidding, but you get the idea that this creep INFURIATES ME.

Anne good luck with doggie and the fence. Nice hubby too. Give him a treat.
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I hope you are able to find out which of your neighbors has threatened to do something to your dog. Your neighbor sounds like a mean person who would carry out his threat, and he wasn't even considerate enough to talk to you in person.

I wonder if this unknown neighbor owns a dog. If he does, it is very possible that his own dog is running loose, going into neighbor's yards, digging holes, damaging gardens, chasing cats, and doing all the other things that dogs normally do.

Your husband sounds like a nice, reasonable person, and I hope everything works out in your favor.

Good luck
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Dear Anne,

I haven't been on the Site for awhile and I'm really sorry to hear of this news...

I have a neighbor that has a dog with this type of collar and it appears that the dog runs and has a very good time without going near the thing that triggers the collar. They must learn quickly...I'm sure it wouldn't hurt the dog, but it must make some type of lasting impression that the dog learns quickly.

Again, so sorry, but it's better than chaining your pup...

Good luck

Love & Peace,

PS...As far as your neighbor, it's too bad he can't do the test run for ya.
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