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Feral transport question...

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I am caring for a feral colony and some donors have offered to help get the entire colony spayed/neutered at the local low cost spay/neuter clinic.

I think the colony may have fleas...and I'd like suggestions on how to keep the fleas from spreading all over the car when we transport the kitties to the clinic in their traps.

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As it is winter, there should be very few fleas to worry about. Fleas do not live on the animal, they only visit to feed then hop off to lay thier eggs. Any fleas will most likely stay inside the traps wrapped in a sheet or blanket, you can place the traps inside a box to make the kitty feel safer and to keep the fleas more contained if you like.

Make sure to treat the ferels with Revolution to prevent them from becoming infested in the spring by killing any live fleas now. This will also get rid of ear mites, and prevent some types of worms.
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Okay, thanks for the advice...

How would I get the Revolution on them?
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Actually, depending on where you live fleas can always be a problem. Here they are really bad this year, even though it has been so cold. If you have these cats trapped, you can buy the full strength dog advantage and use it on them in measured dosages. It is cheaper to do it this way, and i have done it for years on my ferals with no problems. You do have to know how much the cat weighs, so what I do, is I weigh an empty trap, write down the weight, then I trap, then I weigh, then I deduct the weight of the trap and I have the weight of the feral (approx)

I would get some area spray from your vet, and once the transport is completed you can spray out the interior of your car. I also use borax powder in the carpet, let it sit a few days and then vacuum. Also, I wouldn't de-flea until after the visit, some of the ferals may not survive the initial exam (if you are testing for diseases) which you really should. For those who are healthy, they would be the ones I would deflea.

Let me find the website that talks about the advantage dose

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Okay, thanks. I'm not even sure that I can get a flea product, but I'll look into it. I know it's not the best stuff, but I do have a bottle of spray-on flea killer (ONLY to be used if I can't get anything else). Would that work if I can't get revolution or another quality flea product?
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I'm not real knowledgeable, but PLEASE don't use any anti-flea products until your vet or someone on tcs can OK it. Your vet can apply the Revolution while the cats are under anesthesia, if you like, but it's more expensive that way.
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