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Where did you get your cat(s)?

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Just curious. Feel free to elaborate if you like!
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Shep was a stray that wandered up to our house about 13 years ago. Dakota and Sage were born in a barn in the area and we adopted them thru a Humane Society. Spanky and Oscar were dumped on us last summer - we assume that someone in the area was doing a "barn cleaning" of their feral kittens.

All the rest were born to feral cats around our house. We caught the kittens young, adopted out those that we could find good homes for, and kept the unadopted or unadoptable ones. Yes, I have some scaredy cats living with me that we accept for who they are.
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Meeko and Esmeralda both came from a small rescue organisation, while Phineas and Henry both came from the Humane Society shelter.
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The Sammycat was a gift from my boss, cause he knew how much I wanted a black cat. Oscar was a stray that Ken found at the plant where he worked.
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Tippy and Felicity came from separate RSPCA shelters. Adelaide was a feral that found our house and has been here ever since.
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Dushka was on the streets in Tuzla, Persil in Sarajevo. Ellie was born to a barn cat whose owners I know. My cat Cinders who now lives with my Mom in the UK came from Battersea cats' home. Sheba was abandoned in a cardbox box in a phone kiosk and Sammy was her kitten. Rosie, Marmaduke and Pippin (all RB) were given to me. Oscar was a neighbour's cat who chose me instead. I have only ever once bought a cat from a pet shop, and that was Juniper who lived with me 17 years.
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Felixia was abandoned as an adult cat and left stray by neighbors, Mr. Underfoot & Sylvestra were born to a stray cat under my porch, and Hubby got Oreo from a friend of a friend who found a litter of kittens. Tiger Lily was a neighborhood feral I trapped & spayed, who very slowly became somewhat tame (though she still won't come inside unless we leave the door open for her to go back out).
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Max- siamese - vets office

Trouble- grey tabby- pet smart

Simon- black persian- pet smart

Samson- white- rescue organization

Vanna- white turkish van look-a-like- rescue organization
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Sammy mum is my friend Adam's cat, Mary Jane. I took Sammy, they kept one kitten and found the other two homes. Before he was able to get the money together (after Sammy's litter) for MJ to be fixed, she was pregnant again....so I took Lola (there were six kittens this time!). Well, technically my boyfriend wanted a kitten but couldn't have one at his house, so he gave her to me for my birthday. All the kittens were found homes, one with februa, who posts on this site. All the cats have now been fixed (well, Lola and her littermates will be when they're old enough), so that'll be the end of my cat collection for a while.
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Mystique is a blue tabby DSH given to me by my daughter for Mothers day.

Rudy, Brie, Tatum, Drysi, Raider, Shelly, Kaley, Groucho, and Sean were purchased from various breeders.

Autumn, Starry, and Sandie are kittens that grew up here.

Mary Jane was left in my care from the same daughter as Mystique, and she has yet to reclaim her.

Mystique, Mary Jane and Sandie are all spayed
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I got Oliver from an aquaintance when he was 8 weeks old. I had the pick of the litter and had his sister in my lap. They said there was another kitten, but they couldn't find him. Right before I was ready to leave with his sister, Oliver came out from under the sofa and walked right up to me. It was love at first sight. BTW - the only reason he exists is his mother got outside ONCE.

Tripod was found at my job. We heard meowing in the shop for days. It took 3 grown men to catch a teeny starving 3 legged kitten. I had a very small apartment and no intention of getting another cat, but although Tripod was hissing and spitting, as soon as I touched him he started purring. My heart melted and I took him home.
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
Tripod was found at my job. We heard meowing in the shop for days. It took 3 grown men to catch a teeny starving 3 legged kitten. I had a very small apartment and no intention of getting another cat, but although Tripod was hissing and spitting, as soon as I touched him he started purring. My heart melted and I took him home.
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Rosie was from one of the very few pet stores that allow kittens to be sold.

Sophie was from my friends vets surgery after Sophies mum had been taken in with problems giving birth, then after Sophie and her siblings were born the owners asked Emma if they could find homes for not only the kittens but Sophies mum as well as they couldn't afford the bill
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Peperpot and Sugarly were purchased together the week before we were married from a pet store. Excalibur was purchased from the same store over 2 years later. Merlin was purchased from a rescue organization. his mother had been a pregnant feral rescue and he had been born sick. He was still ill when I got him and required an additional month of medication and extra love and atttention. Gweeky was adopted from my vet's office. The take in the pregnant cats from the humane society and take care of their medical needs until the kittens are old enough to adopt out. Then they adopt them and give you a discount on the 1st shots and spaying and neutering.
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Molly was the first, and came to us from a friend(She wasn't terribly happy about this, but she was 2 when she first moved here, and really, I could understand the pain of being totally uprooted like that..She's actually become quite a lover -and a little bit of a fighter, to my dismay, as she's also the biggest)

Paige was gotten to keep molly company from second chance (it didn't take, but they opted to stay out of eachother's way, rather than fight about it, lol.... which is good, because life would seem veeery ordinary without our fat and feisty tortie)

And Ghibli is our first and only bred kitty (I wanted a van, and now I have one, and he's a joy.. A messy joy, but a joy nonetheless...)
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My kitties from when I was growing up --- Mimi and Jake (both RB) were both strays.

My kitties now: Simon was a little stray that wandered into a friend's yard. She was already feeding three other outside kitties and asked me to take the kitten. He's now my special baby. He's indoor only and is just fat, lazy and wonderful.

My hubby picked Max at the humane society. He and Simon are best buddies. Max is a loverboy. He thinks he's a person. He wants to sleep in the bed with you, and wants to be in on everything!
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Neko and Doku were unfortunately from pet stores. Onyx came from the spca. Princess came from a rescue group, Taylor came from someones cat whom had a litter, Mia and Scooter were dropped off at a vets office with some other siblings.
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I got my cat Gizmo from my grandma's friend who just had a litter of kittens and I got one and my grandma. It is weird though, My cat is short haired and my grandma's is very long haired. they are sisters.
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Ophelia is our feral rescue. We heard her crying and finally figured out that she was trapped in between the walls of our apartment building. So we busted a hole in the wall and after HOURS of waiting and coaxing she finally came through the hole. I loved her the first time I saw her little face, but the feeling was definitely not mutual! LOL She was scared to death!

Two days later, Earl thought that she had somehow gotten out because he couldn't find her anywhere. So we went to the mall to shop to ease our sorrow at losing this precious kitten (he had fallen for her too ). And eventually wandered into the pet store there that takes in unwanted litters of kittens (they only rarely have purebred cats, actually...). That's where we saw Trent and Trent decided that we were his family and he was going to come home with us. How could we say no? LOL Besides, we had already spent almost $100 on kitten supplies and we were really quite sure Ophelia was gone. So Trent came home.

Well, as soon as Trent came into the bedroom and meowed, out popped Ophelia who wasn't gone. She had just found a really, really good hiding spot. In fact, Earl had looked there at least 3 times and hadn't seen her!
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Here's my stories....

Trixie...brown and black tabby

This is our first baby, Trixie. She is now 3. We adopted her from an ASPCA adoption foster home. Her mother had her and her litter siblings in someones garage and were brought to this foster home to find good homes. Jerry and I saw an ad in the newspaper in September of 2001, and went to look. We fell in love with the 6 week bundle of brown and black fur. We decided on her, brought her home, and the rest has been history. What a wonderful kitty she's been for us. She's very loved, not to mention spoiled.

Petals...black and white kitty

Our second to the youngest sweetie, Petals. She is now 2. Jerry rescued her from a ditch out in the middle of nowhere one day in August 2002. No one knows for sure how the 4 week, 15 oz kitty got out there. She was pretty sick, and Jerry brought her home to our little family. We, along with our vet, nursed her back to health, and she truly has been a joy in our lives. Trixie has learned to love her "little sister" and even took over the job of bathing her regularly. There were a few hisses at first, but after a few days of Petals being in a cage where Trixie could see and sniff her, they were best pals.

Tigger, yellow tabby

And last but not least is our baby, Tigger. He turned 1 this past summer. He was found almost the same way as Petals by my husband Jerry. He found him and his sister out in the woods. They were 4 months old at the time. He brought them home, and since we already had Trixie and Petals, we asked a girlfriend if she would like a kitten. She took Ebony, his sister, and we took Tiggy. He is the most loving little guy you ever want to meet. His "sisters" weren't too sure about him at first. After all, it was an all female house up until this point. But we put a large cage in the middle of the livingroom, and Tiggy stayed there for a couple of days. This gave them all a chance to get used to eachother and sniff thier hearts out. The girls growled and hissed at first, but it only took about a week, if that, till we were one big happy family. I don't know what I'd do without my little loves.

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I got mine from a lady who had 15 baby kittens to give away. She had 3 female cats, all of whom were pregnant at the same time.
I adore my babies. (Yhey are now 4 1/2 years old. They are inside cats and NEVER go out at all.)
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Shortie Was born in a valley off the highway. Mom was a stray (she had a collar) that I assume was abandoned by her owners when they found out she was pregnant (happens here more than you'd like to know). Unfourtunately she was killed by a racoon and only two kitten from the litter survived till we found them. The other kitten died a week after we brought her home, and all the was left was Shortie.

'Shroomies was abandoned in a box with his two brothers.

Berlin was born to two orange and grey tabby barn cats. His great great great . . .grandfather was a Birman showcat/manwhore so Berlin came out looking like a Birman and that's a bit of an oddity.
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Gandalf came from my cousin's house. Again a case of a cat getting out before it could be fixed. Unfortunately my cousin allowed this to happen two more times, finally I believe this is appointment for this Friday to get the cat fixed. Either that or I'm gonna strangle my cousin.

Samwise showed up on that same cousin's porch, she called me and told me about him. Let's just say it was love at first sight.
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i got socks frmo a friwnds cat who just had kittens
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Benja, Muffin, Holly & Sophie all came from breeders.

Elmo & the kitts were born at our house!
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I got Dori as a Christmas gift from my bf. His best friends coworker had a cat who had kittens and he was taking 3 of the babies, one for his mom, girlfriend, and himself. Dori was the only kitten left so he talked my bf into giving her to me for Christmas. (I had only been begging for a cat for 4 years ). I was so excited I rushed to Petsmart to buy kitty supplies and that night we went to pick her up. She was so tiny and so sweet That was the best present I ever received
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Grayce was dropped off at the shelter because her first owner had developed cancer. Apparently, he wasn't well enough to care for her anymore. My husband saw her and brought her home. It was love at first site for the whole family.
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I had tried to adopt 3 cats from the humane society and evertime I would go in to make the adoption after thinking about it for a day they would be adopted (this happened 3 times in a row). One morning I dropped into a local pet store to pick up a treat for my parents dog and I saw a tiny beautiful siamese curled up in the corner looking like a cinnamon bun! I tried to wake him up by tapping on the glass, but that didn't work so I blew down on his head and he looked up and gave me that sneaky siamese grin!! He was cooped up with 2 manx cats as he was the last of his litter.

I was a little niave about purchasing cats, and assumed that the pet store was a good place to find a healthy cat. I came back each morning for the next 3 days until my boyfriend and I finally decided we were ready for a cat!

We got Simon home and he was really shy at first and he was always shaking his head and scratching his ears, I inspected his ears, and after some searching on the internet I realized he had ear mites :S He also was sniffling a bit, which I thought was normal, adjusting to the new house smells and what not. Nope- turned out he had a respiratory infection!

I called the lady back at the store I bought him from and she said that he didn't have it when he left the store !!! (I had JUST bought him the day before!!) I flipped at her a little bit and told her they weren't honest people.. and I probably said a few things I shouldn't have said and then I took him straight to the vet. He got fixed up in no time, and I don't regret buying him, but still, be very wary when purchasing pets from pet stores!

That's my Simon story in a nutshell !!

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Four stories: [1] Shasta (RB) was one of the last two kittens of a litter that a friend heard of, when an acquaintance of hers commented that her cat was mad at her -- because they had just (finally) had her spayed -- "By the way, do you know of anyone who wants a couple of kittens? There are two left from her last litter." I took one. Little did I know then the joys of a multi-cat household.

She lived to 21 -- our old lady -- and was 14 years an only cat, when...

[2] Gryphon and Nibs (both RB) came to us at the age of about 6 years, when their human developed allergies and needed to rehome them.

Gryphon was the first to go, at about 13, followed a few months later by Shasta, leaving Nibs to be an only cat. If we thought he was needy before...

[3] Suzy and her littermate Samantha (RB) were the last of an accidental litter that Rob's sister heard of just about the time we were ready to accept new little people into our home.

Sam disappeared just before their first birthday, and a year later, Nibs ended his ninth life, leaving Suzy alone...

[4] Cindy and Fawn are littermates who were orphaned at about 5 weeks, and rescued by a friend of Rob's Mum (they walk dogs at the same field). She was ready to place them, just about the same time we were ready to accept new little people into our home.
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I went to the shelter but i knew as soon as i walked into the door that i wasnt going to get it so i was bawling and the woman was a bbbbbbmoo saying if i wanted a kitten id have to get two and pay double.
so i was crying in the car and my bf was like we went to the petrol station and got the newspaper ate some Mc Donalds and then he rang the entire list. We rushed 60 Km away with in 30 mins and voila i got my beautiful bundle! She happened to go on holiday and her cat got pregnant some how.
She has another boy cat that was spayed but her cats are strictly indoors so she was really angry at the people who looked after her cat. This was her last kitty to give away, The day before a woman came in and she shook teufel and she said " this cat doesnt interest me he is dead" he had been playing the whole day and just collapsed the sleep and noone could wake him up! well im so glad that woman didnt take him because he is the smartest kitty ive got
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